Blog 2024-03-20

Global Collabs: GpsGate x Conneqtech

Conneqtech has worked to connect mobility fleets in the Netherlands since 2016. Before joining Conneqtech, the company’s CEO, Matthijs van Eijzeren, worked with GpsGate, and understood the variety of fleet challenges the platform could solve. He recognized early that Conneqtech could rely on GpsGate in their journey to actualize their vision. Now serving hundreds of customers, spanning several fleet verticals, Conneqtech makes fleets in the Netherlands more productive with the resources at their disposal.

Enhancing fleet efficiency with fewer resources

There are several reasons companies seek out Conneqtech. Serving everything from car rental to agricultural fleets, Conneqtech needed a powerful platform with the ability to solve multiple intricate challenges daily. Having been familiar with GpsGate, Conneqtech recognized that serving prospective fleet customers was within reach, regardless of vertical.

CEO, Matthijs van Eijzeren reflects on the impact of partnering with GpsGate, “we really like and enjoy working with the GpsGate team because they are people who understand our business."

Conneqtech prides itself on ensuring its customers can get more done with fewer resources. As a result, the team relies on GpsGate’s flexibility. Whether it’s the robust software sending accurate invoicing information to municipalities or GpsGate’s sales team informing their approach of prospective fleet customers. Conneqtech inspires confidence in their fleet customers while making use of all of the GpsGate resources, allowing fewer people to do more.

Matthijs van Eijzeren again voices that GpsGate "knows the troubles we are facing with our customers, and have a really proactive approach in helping us find solutions." In one particular case, Conneqtech helped equipment rental company NH Rental triple its fleet growth while cutting equipment waste with the help of event rules, real-time tracking, and preventative maintenance.

Discover how Conneqtech powered NH Rental’s success with GpsGate.

Within the last decade, Conneqtech has developed trusted solutions for 600 fleet customers and currently sends tracking data from 5000 vehicles and assets to GpsGate. This strong partnership is based on dynamic communication and a mutual understanding of the challenges fleets face in the Netherlands.

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