Blog 2024-03-21

Global Collabs: GpsGate x Informac

GpsGate's Latin American partners are experts in fleet security. Informac is a testament to this. Informac found GpsGate in 2010 while searching for a more robust fleet management solution to power their business. Informac is now a trusted provider to hundreds of customers with a platform built on GpsGate.

Custom fleet solutions for dozens of verticals

Based in the Dominican Republic, Informac serves 800 fleet customers, ranging from railway and logistics companies to passenger services and asset security. The needs of their customers include everything from accurate accident data to present to insurance companies, to tracing and recovering stolen vehicles. Informac built Systrack, which relies on GpsGate’s flexible platform.

Reporting, geofences, and real-time tracking within GpsGate help Informac meet the general needs of its fleet customers. Integrations, APIs, and scripting enable Informac to tailor-make solutions for each customer requirement. With the help of Teltonika’s advanced FMB series, Informac provides fleet customers with real-time location updates, pinpoint geofence data and a vehicle recovery service that puts concerned fleet managers at ease.

So where are they today? Offering support for 23,000 vehicles in the Dominican Republic. With GpsGate in its corner, Informac approaches new fleet challenges confidently and gives its customers peace of mind.

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