Release 2022-11-17

Improved UX for better vehicle tracking in GpsGate

November's release of GpsGate is full of UX tweaks to get you the data you need. We've added user-friendly views to some of our most popular tools - Tracks and Charts. Watch as the map reacts to follow fleet vehicles on the map in Tracks and see color-coded vehicle variables in Charts. Plus, we've expanded our device listings and added map details that power users will love.

Tracks replay reacts to follow vehicles on the map

GpsGate’s Tracks feature has become a fast favorite among fleet managers. Tracks allows you to view fleet vehicle's recent activity, and historical movements on the map. With this month’s update to GpsGate, your Tracks replay now has a map-reactive function. To dial in on an individual vehicle journey, enable 'Replay follows vehicle(s)' in the application and watch as your vehicles navigate recent routes. Your vehicle remains in view as the map dynamically tracks it.

Colorful updates to Charts variables

Need to keep a close eye on variables like temperature and speed? Now it’s possible to assign colors to those signals within Charts. Color coding of variables makes it easy to read detailed vehicle data.

GpsGate charts: color-coded signals

Closest Vehicle tool expanded

Last month, we added the Closest Vehicle tool to GpsGate – an easy way to locate the 5 closest vehicles from any point on the map. We’ve now expanded that tool’s functionality. From the list of nearby vehicles, you can now select a vehicle and draw a line from your point on the map to its location. This allows you to view exact distances from any point on the map, improving real-time processes like the vehicle dispatch process.

Map updates for power users

With this month's release, we've improved the way that you can interactive with maps and map layers. Access to the ArcGIS layer is now standard in the map view. ESRI's ArcGIS map layers within GpsGate give fleet managers precise location-specific data. Rural road conditions, weather updates, and natural disaster like wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes can be viewed in GpsGate accurate data.

New tracking devices added monthly

GpsGate's device integration team works closely with lead manufacturers to bring the latest GPS devices to your platform. Improvements, new signals, and fixes ensure that your devices are always giving you the fleet data you need. New this month:

Get all the details

You can view all the details of new supported devices, system updates, and UX improvements in November's release notes. For access to the latest and greatest version of GpsGate, update to the most recent monthly release.

Dispatch was deprecated in February 2022. See more details on the deprecation schedule. Have questions or hesitations about updating? Contact GpsGate Support, we're here to help!

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