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Tracking-KSA's TFA412 is a 4G CAT1 tracking device complying 4G global standard requirements, which has positioning, monitoring, alarm and tracking functions in a small package. It works mostly with vehicles and other mobile objects. TFA412 GPS tracker is a one-stop solution for tracking, monitoring, and securing mobile and stationary assets. This product supports remote GPS tracking and 4G communications and is integrated into GpsGate.

Saudi Arabia

Tracking-KSA is a regional-based technology company focused on equipping the transport industry with the latest technological tools & equipment. The corporate vision of Tracking-KSA is to become a performance management leader locally, regionally, and internationally and to have one of the world’s best solutions on the IoT market. Tracking-KSA's IoT Devices offer many various forms of latest tracking to the fleet management industry.

Device Plugin Change Log

Tracking-KSA build 6987 (2022-11-02)

  • Add new devices: TFA412, TFA414, TFB303, TFB313, TFB323, and TFB402
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