Release 2021-01-21

Starting the year with a release for stability

We're starting off the year with a maintenance release that touches a lot of features. Maintenance releases aren't flashy or exciting, but they are critical to system performance and stability. This release includes an official Arabic translation plus back-end geofence improvements.


A new official Arabic translation is now available. With customers around the world, we recognize that local language translation is important. GpsGate lets you work efficiently in your native language. You can also customize language and terminology based on your business and your customers' businesses. Learn more about localization.

Performance and stability

Geofence stability has also been greatly improved on the backend. After making geofences available in the Fleet app in December, we had more work to do. January's updates help make sure that geofences work seamlessly in GpsGate Server and the Fleet app.

Additional updates have been made to the speeding expression and reporting. We've also included some UI tweaks. Read the full release notes.

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