Build 5110

January 2021

January's maintenance release includes a lot of backend improvements and fixes. We've also updated the Arabic language to a professionally translated version. Read about the release highlights.



  • Professional Arabic translation.
  • Added translations to reporting.
  • Added Espanol keys to user-based reports.


  • Added POI ID to Dispatch API model.
  • Added option to upload metadata file (Saml)
  • Added support for Individual Registration request (WASL data forward).

User experience

  • Added a loading animation when waiting for the login page to load and also when logging in to an application.

Maps and geocoding

  • Native Maps performance improvements.
  • Improved handling of empty results from geocoding service.

Speeding expression

  • Better road search when using SpeedingExpression.
  • Updated speeding expression to do an exhaustive search when looking for the closest road.


  • Uses longest cleanup time for track data for shared devices.
  • Always keep the last accumulator value when cleaning up accumulator data.


  • Tuning “City Drive” Track Filter. Fewer small trips in the same spot.
  • Registered mobile app activity.
  • Improved Application Template imports containing script apps.


  • Fixed Geofence privileges when creating/editing geofences.
  • Fixed migration for invalid geofences.
  • Fixed updating Geofence Groups from scripts.
  • Geofence service - fixed expired license issue and other issues.
  • Fixed geofence startup problems when using MSSQL.

User experience

  • Fixed an issue that displayed the top menu in VehicleTracker before the custom branding color was applied.
  • POI map layer visibility state is correctly saved in the workspace.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to select the day of the month at year's end in report scheduling.
  • Fixed issue with note categories not being removed visually from the UI when deleted.


  • Fixed issue with driverId triggering a change causing a privilege error when being restricted by an access mask.
  • Fixed memory leak when devices are blocked by either missing _DeviceLogin privilege or by AccessFilter.


  • Fixed XML errors in Danish language files.


  • Fixed issue with upgrading when running MySQL 8.0.x on Linux systems.
  • Fixed MSSQL upgrade scripts (Saml, WASL data forward).
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