Release 2021-04-15

Tracks improvements

We've added lots of new features to Tracks 2.0 (now Tracks) in the past month, and we have more to come on the roadmap. Thanks to your feedback, we've also made lots of smaller tweaks and improvements. This month's release also includes new Hindi and Indonesian translations for app localization. Plus, learn how to manage data privacy concerns for off-hours fleet usage.

Note: Click here for Tracks 2.0 current functionality and screenshots.


Our preview release received lots of development hours over the last month. Our new Tracks features are designed to help operators stay updated on critical real-time data without lots of extra clicks or waiting.

First, we added some quick select date range options to the calendar. With one click, you can select today, yesterday, this week, and last week. No more using the calendar for date ranges that you select time and time again. Trips also honor the exact start and end time selected by the user.

Quick pick date options on the Tracks 2.0 calendar

The trips viewing panel also received a few great new features.

  • You can refresh the data at any time to receive the latest data since you last loaded the page.
  • The trips summary includes average speed.
Refreshing Tracks data including the average speed in the trip summary

The tracks display on the map now includes the direction of travel, so operators can see at a glance where a vehicle is heading.

Love the current view you've set up? You can now save the active screen (whether Trip List, Timeline, or Track Point List) to your workspace.

Learn more about Tracks 2.0 (and how to test it!).


We've added official translations of Hindi and Indonesian to our localization options.

Privacy and off-hours travel

Some fleet vehicles are driven both during work hours and on personal time. Fleet tracking data privacy becomes an issue because employees don't want their personal travel tracked during off-hours. With GpsGate, you can switch between tracking and non-tracking. For one-off situations, you can make a quick manual switch. For daily off-hours or standard routines, you can automate the switch with a click script. Learn more here.

More details

For all of the release details, visit the April release notes. For access, update your server to the latest monthly release.

Updated 6-2021 to reflect proper name: Tracks 2.0 is now the default Tracks experience.

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