Build 5499

April 2021

We've introduced lots of new features to Tracks 2.0 and welcome your feedback. If you have fleet vehicles that make private trips in off-hours, we've made it easier to automate trip privacy. We've also added Hindi and Indonesian to our official system languages. Read the April release blog or continue below for all of the details.

Remember, Tracks (and vehicle status!) are available in preview release. Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.



  • We made time & date selection faster by adding predefined time span options to calendars. Options: today, yesterday, this week, and last week.
  • We added a refresh button. It's especially useful when your selected date span is set to a future date/time and you want to update the panel with the latest data.
  • Tracks on the map now show track direction.
  • The average moving speed is now part of the trip summary.
  • Trips honor the exact start and end time provided by the user.
  • You can save the active screen (Trip List, Timeline, or Track Point List) to your workspace.


  • We released two new translations: Indonesian and Hindi.

Developer & System Administration

  • Off-hours trips can be set to remain private for all appropriate vehicles. We now allow scripting for hiding devices' position source (user.setHidePosition(bool) in Script App scripts) so you can automate off-hours privacy.

Device plugins

We also updated device plugins and added some more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • Concox
  • EELink
  • ERM
  • Meitrack
  • Queclink
  • Teltonika


  • We made various bug fixes and UI & performance improvements.
  • We now create standstills from trip data instead of from statuses, and we don’t show statuses in the standstill map tooltip.
  • We improved map polyline performance.
  • Formatting for smaller distances and durations has been improved.
  • The system now sorts vehicles in the order that they were added.
  • Vehicles should maintain their assigned label color while they are selected in the panel.

User Experience

  • We made map performance improvements for Chrome and Edge browsers (Chromium).


  • Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish received updates.

Developer & System Administration

  • HTTP types are now exposed to Click Scripts (WindowsMenuClickScripts).
  • We added throttled logging of DataForward feature in the case of the forwarding failing.
  • There is now better handling of 502 (Bad Gateway) errors from OneMap.
  • The dashboard has access to the database during service shutdown.
  • We added the Fleet App and the Dispatch App as results to the Activity System query.
  • More retries and sleep interval to the geofence migration have been added.
  • We changed to MySqlConnector for the geofence service.
  • The login page is automatically reloaded if the service is stopped until service is running again.
  • We no longer require or use Odbc Connector and MySql Connector/Netis since we switched Database Connector for MySql to
  • WASL: we set SFDA VehicleStatus according to new specifications.

User experience

  • We fixed a bug that sometimes made it look like no map or workspace was selected in the menus.

Fleet & mobile

  • An issue with a firewall test for iOS devices is now fixed.


  • An error occurring when duplicating an Event Rule containing a Geofence expression is now fixed.
  • Geofence group description migration is fixed.
  • Servers with the Turkish OS system 'culture' will no longer experience a geofence feature malfunction - this is now fixed.


  • We made some small fixes including allowing UTF8 names in reporting Geofence queries.
  • DataScope options are now always sent as values when rendering a report.
  • Unsigned Reporting and Fuel Report.

Developer & System Administration

  • We fixed a logging issue that could cause high CPU usage.
  • Loading and deleting a Command Notifier for which the device has been deleted will no longer fail.
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