Release 2022-05-19

Work faster with more tools in Site Admin

This month’s release features big changes to site administrator capabilities. We've moved more Site Administration functions in-app! Users can now manage multiple customer applications with ease inside the application. This new functionality comes with faster-loading pages and less clicks - saving you time and helping you get to your next task faster.

Using GpsGate should be a streamlined and intuitive user experience. With this month's release, changes to applications are done faster than ever. There is no need to navigate back and forth from Site Admin and individual applications to edit settings. We've made it easier to access to important settings and privileges across all applications, in-app.

Once logged in to an application, navigate to Site Admin -> Applications -> Manage Applications, and you'll see a new user-friendly pop-up window. Select an application from your list and you'll find a variety of editable fields. Properties, localization, security, privileges, and more. Application templates can be created to help our tracking partners work faster. Inputting new customers into the system with a custom template becomes an automated experience.

Manage site admin in the application

Edit / add / delete quickly

With application management functions conveniently located inside the application, you are able to edit, add, and delete core settings. Start by clicking the lock in the lower left-hand corner of the window to allow changes. From there, you'll find a multitude of options for customizing applications:

  • General settings and properties: change administrator access, license limits, and workspace settings
  • Custom branding: swap logos, and use brand colors in your background
  • Localization: quickly make changes to timezones, languages, and maps, including measurements - does your customer use US miles, kilometers, or even nautical miles?
  • Cleanup: how often do you want to clear your application's data? Select different time frame for each data set - whether it's Tracks, alarm, or event data.

Application Tags

Tags help you conveniently organize your fleet with custom reports and platform views. With our Tags function moving into the application, you can create and assign communication preferences conveniently in-app. Decide with customers will use which SMS service and filter information in the Site Admin User search. Reducing clicks means it’s easier for our tracking partners to manage customer applications at their own speed.

Keep customer data secure

Quickly change Server Administration security and privacy settings in-app.

Continue to keep application data private with extra password protection. Before editing applications, you are prompted to re-enter your password - another way to ensure that only the right people are making system changes. Only authorized users can see customer data so that there is no risk of sharing sensitive information between applications. You can also manage security settings like password expiration to control how frequently users must set a new password. Automatic logout is another safety feature that identifies idle user sessions and prompts logouts after a predetermined timeframe. This eliminates the threat of unauthorized users accessing unattended screens.

In the Privileges and Plugins page, you can enable and disable an individual application's ability to access certain features. From maps to fuel consumption data, control what your customers and specific users can see. Give users exactly what they need, and avoid giving them what they don't, to help them to navigate GpsGate's platform more efficiently.

Device additions

With GpsGate, you can use the devices you want. The devices that meet the needs of your customers, from signals to battery life, waterproof rating and durability - and the devices that meet your company needs with remote configuration and optimal network connectivity. We are constantly integrating new devices and features to help solve your customer use cases. Check out the release notes to see a full list.

More details

We've added new supported devices, enhanced device integrations, language updates - and more to May's release. For a complete list of updates, visit the May release notes. For access to the latest and greatest version of GpsGate, update your platform to the latest monthly release.

Dispatch is now deprecated. See more details on the deprecation schedule.
Have questions or hesitations about updating? Contact GpsGate Support, we're here to help!

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