Build 6569

May 2022

With this month's release, application management has moved in-app! We've made it easier than ever to access important settings and privileges across all applications without navigating back and forth from Site Admin.

Check below for the full notes or read the May blog for an overview.

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Developer & System Administration

  • Application and Application Template management has moved in-app! Site administrators can access it in any application: Server Administration -> Applications -> Manage Applications.
  • All application management functions like edit/delete/add are now done conveniently inside the application.
  • Application tag management has moved to the Server Administration menu in the application.
  • Add progress indication while loading applications in Manage Applications window.
  • Add Accuracy, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, Charging, SosButton to default mappings for Android and Android Wifi Only devices.
  • Automated task to clean email delivery logs once daily.

Device Plugins

We're constantly updating device plugins and adding more supported devices. To see the updates, search for your device on our supported devices page. All individual device pages show the releases for the device manufacturer.

  • ATrack: added AK300, AL300, AP3, AS11, AX300, NT3 devices.
  • EELINK: fix parsing SupportRelayControl and RelayControlTriggered values.
  • Icarvisions: fix adding "Time Zone" metafield, extend Generic device functionality.
  • Meitrack: added EventCode, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, Mileage for T711L device.
  • GalileoSky: added IButtonKey1/2.
  • Queclink: added GV600MG/WG devices.
  • Teltonika: added LinkModeString for FMC125 device, added Towing for FMB130 device, added support for BLE and Beacon signals for FMC130/TFT100 devices.


The following languages have been updated over the past month: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.


Developer & System Administration

  • Add REST resource for deleting tags.
  • Better log filtering for email service.
  • Ability to use self-signed certificates for sending emails.
  • Open Edit Application view after creating a new application for a more efficient workflow.
  • Pre-select "Basic One" template when creating a new application.
  • Add email provider validation to address and avoid problems when migrating to the new email service, which requires consilient data.
  • Add missing localization keys in edit app form: cleanup interval options and privilege descriptions.

User Experience

  • Update event panel duration column display format.
  • Ensure that users without _EditGeofenceTags privilege cannot view the "Pin to Map" icon.
  • Improve logging for email service in case of automatic .NET Core request model validation.
  • Improve POI search for installations with MySQL 5.7.8 and above.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix issue with application tag editing.
  • Properly log messages with large body content.
  • Fix issue with getting application tags in Server Administration -> User Search window in the application.
  • Fix issue that caused application branding to be applied even if it was disabled in Edit Application form.
  • Fix template so applications are showing in Application list.
  • Fix device mapper script for device data.

User Experience

  • Fix touch-panning issue for Native Map Publish/Share location maps on iOS 15 Safari.


  • Fix case where temporary tables might not be cleaned up causing database storage to grow unnecessarily.
  • Fix case where Email.Service operators are not able to send generated reports to any email recipients external users not registered in GpsGate Server.
  • Fix malformed REST endpoint in Email.Integration NuGet.
  • Fix issue that prevented SMTP hostname field in email provider form from working correctly.

Dispatch was deprecated with March's release.

Chat is deprecated. SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

Tracks (Legacy) was deprecated with the August 2021 release. Upon page load, the (newer) Tracks is always displayed.

As of August 17, 2021, GpsGate removed support for Internet Explorer 11. IE11 users will receive a warning in their browser. If you haven't updated your browser, we recommend it.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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