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RX-8 is low cost and fulfills all the basic functions for fleet management, vehicle recovery, construction/agricultural machinery and more. RX-8W has a temperature sensor; it provides easy installation, fast and accurate location reports, immobilizer, and driver ID information. The latest uBlox GPS and GSM chips offer instant GPS fixes and more accurate GPS and cell locations, as well as accurate journey and vehicle usage reports; covering areas where there is no or very weak GPS signals.


Device Plugin Change Log

ArkNav build 8643 (2024-05-21)

  • Rename device variables from SensorTyre{01..16}​XYZ to Sensor​{1..16}_XYZ
  • Rename OneWire variables from SensorTyre{01..16} to Sensor_{1..16}

Arknav build 8342 (2024-02-20)

  • Fix for mismatched message fields type/unit/description

Arknav build 8189 (2024-01-04)

  • Fix SaveChangesOnly value for IButton and Uncertainty

Amigo build 5169 (2021-02-11)

Arknav build 5210 (2021-02-06)
Compatibility release.

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