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GpsGate supports Howen mobile DVR devices. Includes SD card type MDVR and HDD type MDVR, covering up to 12 channels, supporting accessories like RFID read, panic buttons, fuel sensors, and more. Great for GpsGate Server customers in a variety of vehicle verticals where live camera feeds are needed.


Howen Technologies International is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, and sales of Vehicle Service System (VSS). After several years of fast growth, Howen's products have become well-known for solid quality and cost-effectiveness backed by tailor-made service and professional support.

Their products and systems include Vehicle Service Software (VSS), Mobile DVR (MDVR), Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), Artificial Intelligence products (DMS, ADAS, Face Recognition, BSD, etc.), have been used in over 100 countries. Applied in various of vehicle industries like taxis, oil & gas, school buses, public transportation, police cars, and logistics.

Device Plugin Change Log

Howen build 7524 (2023-05-15)

  • Use 'dn' when 'imei' value is null or empty

Howen build 7509 (2023-05-10)

  • Fix parsing at (0,0) location

Howen build 7229 (2023-04-19)

  • Add support for H protocol

Howen build 7070 (2022-12-07)

  • Fix to AutoRoundTrip for HTTP connections in cases when 'Thread already have a RoundTrip assigned' produces an error message for HTTP connections.

Howen build 7002 (2022-10-07)

  • Add support for EventCode for Howen Mobile DVR.

Howen build 6805 (2022-09-08)

  • Add support for Howen devices.
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