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The Lytx GPS Webhook allows clients to have their GPS data automatically sent in near real-time to a desired HTTP endpoint. From there, the data can be customized by the client. This gives end users more control of their data, easier access, and near real-time updates. Lytx's GPS Webhook supports two types of client endpoint authentication: basic and token-based. The webhook transforms data sent from Lytx event recorders, which is sent every 5 seconds, or every 1000 GPS points.

Lytx data is integrated with GpsGate's fleet management software via an API. Great for logistics and ground transport cases, driver safety, vehicle dispatch, compliance, and vehicle maintenance.


Lytx combines video and data to enable fleets to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. The US-based company is trusted by more than 4,800 fleets that log billions of miles each year, contributing to a significant database of driving data they then use to boost the effectiveness of their devices.

GpsGate's fleet management software integrates with Lytx's systems for use cases in driver safety and video telematics.

Device Plugin Change Log

Lytx build 8097 (2023-11-22)

  • Use serialNumber for IMEI

Lytx build 8010 (2023-11-13)

  • Initial release
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