Build 8565

April 2024

We build GpsGate so that your tracking business can thrive. Updating GpsGate this month make business operations more efficient.

With our billing partner FastSpring, we now offer automated payments so you can save time on monthly admin. What’s more? It’s easier to export customer billing from within the product.

It’s time to go mobile! Get total fleet control where you need it by directly connecting to the Fleet app from the main menu in GpsGate.

See our April Beta release notes for all the details!

Read on for more highlights!


Streamline fleet finances with the Billing Window

Users can now remove manual processes that come with monthly payments. Automate monthly billing to GpsGate by switching to our payment partner FastSpring. Further, Site Admins can now export CSV files to inform customer invoicing.

More highlights:

  • Automate monthly payments to GpsGate via our partner FastSpring.
  • Add support for CSV export of "Product application” and "Show per application” views in the Billing window
  • Display the number of vehicle cost contributions for Dashboard
  • Summary cards will now reflect the name of the product selected

UI updates to the Billing Window

  • Update view for multi-priced products (UI)
  • Add a scrollbar to the "Billable Units" list in the Billing Window (UI)
  • Display Dashboard sub-products in the "Show per application" view (UI)

Fleet App:

  • Link to the mobile Fleet app in the Main Menu
  • Scan QR code in the platform to sign in to the same application in Fleet app

Developer & System Admin

  • Site Admin users will now receive notifications that platform updates are available

Device Plugins

Teltonika users can now better manage resources with GpsGate's new Fuel Consumption report. Check our FU1007 Fuel Consumption report for Teltonika devices to improve fuel tracking accuracy.


User Experience

  • UI enhancements to the Events panel with Empty State text on how to get started
  • Remove default event rules when creating new applications
  • Update translations for Arabic, English, French, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Hindi, Indonesian, and Swedish
  • Add an option to select applications when adding a new administrator
  • Bing maps: support route geofences and drawing simulator routes using the “D” key

Developer & System Admin

  • Enhance the security option with the command queue
  • Improve startup error handling
  • Remove the deprecated functionality of sending commands to unknown devices
  • Add additional application setting options when saving the application to a template
  • Enhance validation checks when creating a new site admin user
  • Prevent user lockout when modifying roles

Bugs happen. As soon as we know about them, we fix them to ensure GpsGate continues to run smoothly.

User Experience

  • Fix Vehicle Marker when using Multi Monitor plugin
  • Fix incorrect formatting of "Description" column in the CSV file from the User Search window
  • Fix image block issue for images read via FTP
  • Clicking on the map in Vehicle Status now closes the pop-over when using Google Maps or ArcGIS Maps
  • Fix issue preventing the mobile landing page from loading

Developer & System Admin

  • Fix privileges check when editing users
  • Fix updating a device's OneWire Sensor IDs when any OneWire ID is updated or removed
  • Fix REST authentication
  • Fix device's OneWire variables list when updating user by disconnecting assigned devices
  • Fix the issue when enabling the _Administrator privilege
  • Fix crash in Batch Edit User flow related to Status Indicator and Icon Sets

Deprecate AccuTracking, GlobalSat, Sendum, Amigo, SkyPatrol, Amwell, GlobalTrack, SmartSole, ANBTEK, Haicom, SmartTrakTech, AntzerTech, HHDTech, SolarONE, APRS, Holux, StarNet, Arvento, Icarvision, and Stellar device plugins

/m Mobile web interface has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Download the Fleet app on the App Store or Google Play for the best access to our platform.

ArcGIS Geoevent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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