Beta Release, April 2024

Updates.v5, Web UI build 8565
  • The simulator panel will not come into focus every time a simulator device is clicked
  • Fix a bug that caused the platform to crash when changing the default device type
  • Fix a bug preventing scrolling in vehicle status after it was hidden by clicking on the map
  • Resolve an issue that stopped users from allowing/opening Windows firewall in the Device listener form
Camera, Meitrack, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8560
  • Display Dashboard sub-products in the "Show per application" view in the Billing Window
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8545
  • Add ability to connect an application in the Fleet app by scanning a QR code in the subsequent GpsGate application
  • Resolve issue preventing the mobile landing page from loading
  • Add a scrollbar to the "Billable Units" list in the Billing Window
  • Improve UI on the billing page within the subscription view
Bing, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8527
  • Update view for multi-priced products (like Dashboard) in the Billing Window
  • Drawing simulator routes using the "D" key now works in Bing maps
  • Route geofences can now be created in Bing maps
  • Fix crash in Batch Edit User flow related to Status Indicator and Icon Sets
  • Deprecate AccuTracking, GlobalSat, Sendum, Amigo, SkyPatrol, Amwell, GlobalTrack, SmartSole, ANBTEK, Haicom, SmartTrakTech, AntzerTech, HHDTech, SolarONE, APRS, Holux, StarNet, Arvento, Icarvision, and Stellar device plugins
Camera, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8523
  • Fix image block issue for images read via FTP
  • Vehicle Status bug fix: Clicking on the map now closes the pop-over when using Google Maps or ArcGIS Maps
  • Correct the path of the custom map feature
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8512
  • Enhance validation checks when creating a new site admin user
  • Improve the Billing Window’s UI for prepaid subscriptions
  • Summary cards in the Billing window will now reflect the name of the product selected
  • Prevent user lockout when modifying roles
  • Update translations for Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish
RabbitMQ, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8499
  • Improve security by protecting Event Rule notifiers against XXS
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8496
  • Enhance the security option with the command queue
  • UI enhancements to the Events panel
PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI 8493
  • Translation fixes in the UI
  • Add protections for accidentally locking out users from VehicleTracker when deleting applications
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8489
  • Add option in Billing window to convert to FastSpring payment method. This is only shown if current payment method can be converted
  • Update translations for Arabic, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Hindi, Indonesian, and Swedish
  • Improve startup error handling
  • Remove deprecated functionality of sending commands to unknown devices
  • Fixes:
    -Vehicle Marker in Multi Monitor
    -Fixed REST authentication
Basic One, Cleanup, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI 8487
  • Login/log-out improvements
    -More protection when users are accidentally locked out from applications
    -All characters are now usable in passwords
  • New user improvements:
    -Improve the Event Panel's empty state to offer clearer guidance when creating event rules
    -Delete default event rules SOS and Inside geofence when creating new applications
  • Fix device's OneWire variables list when updating user by disconnecting assigned devices
Device Manager, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI 8483
  • Site Admin Users will receive update notifications in the platform
  • Update English translations
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8475
  • Show the number of vehicle cost contributions for Dashboard in the Billing Window
  • Add additional application setting options when saving the application to a template
Terminal, Web UI build 8472
  • Restyle the “Abort all queued” button in the Terminal window
  • Add support for CSV export of "Product application view" and "Show per application view" in the Billing window
  • Fix a bug that caused incorrect formatting when including the "Description" column in the CSV file from the User Search window
Camera, Updates.v5 build 8457
  • Add an option to select applications when adding a new administrator
  • Fix the issue when enabling the _Administrator privilege
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