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Beta Releases

Beta Release, February 2024

PointsofInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8331
  • Fix a bug causing the delete button in the Edit Custom Map window to close the edit window before delete or cancel was selected in the confirmation popup
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8329
  • Show confirmation dialog when closing the user form with unsaved changes
  • Fix a bug that prevented the Report chart from being fully visible in SiteAdmin (Legacy)
  • Fix a bug where event badges wouldn't show correctly
Updates.v5 build 8315
  • Fix issue sending commands from scripts (only present in beta)
Cleanup, Cypress, Fuel Consumption, PointsofInterest, Publish, Updates.v5 build 8309
  • REST API: Improve stability and fix faulty Custom Fields updates for users
PointsofInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8306
  • Add an option to change the total cost for resources in tasks within the Maintenance feature
  • Fix an issue with the validation in the corrective service form within the Maintenance feature
  • Fix a bug where menus and drop-downs remained open after clicking outside of them
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8300
  • Increase the width of the default value field in the Resource input to display the complete value in the Maintenance feature
  • Make _RemoveApplication command idempotent
  • Fix faulty error messages, and improve UI when enabling features in-Store
  • General UI improvements to the GpsGate Store
  • Add IDP protocol support for Orbcomm
  • Fix a bug that caused Role descriptions in the Edit User form not to show
Updates.v5, Web UI, Windy build 8288
  • Remove Maps and Geocoders sub-menu items. Users will now open the settings page by clicking on Maps and Geocoders in the menu. Items in the previous sub-menu can now be found in the application's main menu
  • Installations that have been updated from will no longer receive updates automatically
  • Address the issue where OneWire IDs fail to update when the list of OneWire variables is reassigned on the Edit Device page
Camera, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8271
  • Add more information to explain the functionality of the Maintenance feature
  • Fix download image issue
Updates.v5, Web UI build
  • Fix bug causing the TrackPoint tooltip to malfunction
Web UI build 8260
  • Add option to add old service via vehicle right click menu in the Maintenance feature
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8259
  • There will be no sample data upon Maintenance feature activation for the application
  • Bugfix: "Maintenance - Used resources report" will have the same resource once even in cases where resource price changed during a report period
  • Resolve an issue where a closed maintenance service could not be edited even if "Disable after" setting was set to "Never"
  • Introduce Next Service instead of First Service in Maintenance
  • Simplify setting up Maintenance service schedules
  • Simplify the Maintenance panel
  • Remove aliasing of "built-in" commands since it is no longer used
Web UI build 8250
  • Fix a bug causing the Maintenance logs window to not update selected vehicles when opened from the vehicle context menu

Beta Release, January 2024

Updates.v5, Web UI build 8238
  • Fix a bug causing all map and geocoder plugins to be visible in the applications' main menu under -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders even if not installed
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8227
  • Improve layout functionality of modal dialogs
  • Improve date and time pickers by having placeholders (e.g. "Select date range") by default in Maintenance logs
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8221
  • Change RegisterCommand from abstract to virtual
  • Fix issue where various unrelated functionalities stop working after uninstalling POI plugin
  • Fix missing uninstall option for plugins
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8214
  • Custom Maps settings page has moved in-app under Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders -> Custom Maps
  • Failed scheduled reports can now be re-sent to individual recipients again
Geocodefarm, Web UI build 8206
  • Minor UI adjustments to vehicle marker labels
Bing, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8201
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for closest vehicles
  • Fix installation of privileges for Bing map plugin
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8198
  • Fix of installer: Grant privileges for Site Admin user on creation
  • Fix Geocodefarm settings page not showing up in the application
  • Fix slow queries issue for unknown devices
Camera, PickPoint, PointsofInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8189
  • Fix issue where browser kept an open connection after viewing camera images
  • PickPoint page has moved in-app under Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders -> Pickpoint
  • Fix SaveChangesOnly values for SOS, BatteryLow, JobAssignmentState
Navionics, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8173
  • Navionics page moved into the application found here: Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps and Geocoders -> Navionics
  • Maintenance feature: Corrective maintenance now has a new property called "Notice." Notice is the number of days before "Due date" when this service is visible in the Upcoming maintenance list.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8170
  • Add support for Corrective Maintenance
Web UI build 8163
  • All in-app Site Admin windows are now labeled "Site Admin" to clarify that they are only available to Site Admin users
  • Fix a bug preventing a historic invoice from opening with the button in the "Actions" column

Beta Release, December 2023

Geocodefarm, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8149
  • page moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders → Geocodefarm
  • v3 is no longer supported. Current users need to create a new authorization key for v4 to continue using the service
Updates.v5, Watchdog.Client, Web UI build 8145
  • Geocoders error section moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Account → Settings
  • Add missing Geoserver maps privilege section in Edit Application
  • Limit track points to 86400 per day per device
ArcGISMap, GenekoFox, OneMap, Updates.v5, Web UI, What3Words Geocoder build 8143
  • Account Settings pages (like Localization, Email, SMS), Logs pages (like Email logs, Error logs), and Terminal (like Connections, Queue) will now appear when searched for from the main menu search and global search
  • What3Words settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders → What3Words
  • Add structured logging to geofence services
  • Fix install note for OneMap
  • Compatibility release
Bing, HERE, Mapbox, OneMap, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8142
  • OneMap settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders → OneMap
  • The Scalebar now matches the app's unit/locale settings when using HERE Maps
  • Add support for the "peek" functionality (dimming UI when holding down "p") when using HERE Maps
  • Support the "peek" functionality (dimming UI when holding down "p") when using Bing Maps
  • Improve security by enabling CSRF validation by default for existing and new installations
  • Fix query to check if tracks are dirty
Bing, HERE, Mapbox, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8138
  • Remove separate SiteAdmin privileges for Bing, HERE, and Mapbox and replace them with one "Maps and Geocoders" privilege
  • Do not attempt to read deleted tracks
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8136
  • Improve performance when updating roles
  • Minor fix for window closing behavior in maintenance
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8131
  • Remove Terminal and Queue Viewer pages from legacy SiteAdmin
  • Replace System Tools Privileges "Terminal" and "Queue Viewer" with a new single "Terminal" privilege. This is now found under "Diagnostics" in the privilege tree
  • Fix incorrect breadcrumb in Terminal Window
Cleanup, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8126

Migrate core and Cleanup privileges, clean up of migrated SiteAdmin pages

  • Remove already migrated core and Cleanup pages from Legacy SiteAdmin
  • Migrate and simplify privileges to moved SiteAdmin pages
Updates.v5 build 8121
  • Fix rare failing onboarding issue caused by inability to get time zone from a browser
LdapSync, Web UI build 8118
  • Make split arrow down fully disabled
  • Delete users on Sync if they were removed from LDAP since last synchronization
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8099
  • Migrate Device Variables from SiteAdmin to Server administration in the platform
  • Show reload button if feature was disabled for current application
MapBox, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8094
  • MapBox settings page in legacy SiteAdmin has moved in-app under Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders -> MapBox
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8078
  • Device listeners settings have moved in-app under "Main menu" → "Site Admin" → "Devices" → "Listeners"
  • Filter transport not supported for device commands in terminal and command configuration UI
  • Disable Reprocess report submit button while server is working
Basic One, BreadCrumb Report, Eco Report, Fuel Consumption, Fuel Report, Maintenance (Legacy), PointsOfInterest, Signal Report, System Report, Time On Site Report, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8064
  • Redesign and move "Schedule Reporting" in-app under Site Admin
  • Move "SiteAdmin roles" in-app under Site Admin-> User-> Site Admin Roles
  • Merge "Reporting", "Reporting Optimization", "Detailed Distance Report", "Event Report", and "Trip Report" plugins into Updates.v5

Beta Release, November 2023

Updates.v5, Web UI build 8046
  • Add current time span on pie chart Widgets in the Dashboard feature
Bing, HERE, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8033
  • "Email Attachment Max Size" has moved in-app under "SiteAdmin → Account → Email"
  • Bing map settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders → Bing
  • HERE map settings page has moved in-app under Main menu → Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders → HERE
GeoServer, Reporting, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8010
  • Fix moving header issue in SiteAdmin
  • Move Reprocess Tracks from SiteAdmin to Server Administration in the platform
  • Remove Web Server source from Profiler in System Tools
Developer Tools, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7989
  • Move Reprocess Report from SiteAdmin to Server Administration in the platform
  • Add information header about migrating elements from SiteAdmin
Maintenance (Legacy), RabbitMQ, Terminal, TrackingSchedule, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7985
  • Fix to Fleet app login
Reporting, Updates.v5 build 7980
  • Remove deprecated Flag Notifier
  • Remove "Manage speed queries" under "Reporting" in old SiteAdmin
Camera, PointsofInterest, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7978
  • Unlocked in SiteAdmin is now in sync between windows
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7952
  • Remove Stop / Start of the service from SiteAdmin
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7906
  • Deprecate Garmin plugin
  • Remove deprecated Jint 1
  • Remove target framework from SiteAdmin
Malaysia MOT Data Forward, PointsOfInterest, Publish, Reporting, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7895
  • Deprecate DLTClient
  • Deprecate ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor plugin
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Mobile, Payment, Updates.v5, WASL Data Forward, Web UI build
  • Dashboard: Add support for widgets to show 'Latest value' in the Fleet app
  • Add "Show only next" service in the Maintenance feature
  • Show accumulator values in tooltip when listing triggers in the Maintenance feature
  • Add support for "TOW_CAR" activity
  • Fix stability issues for email functionality when under high load
  • Fix default bindings for HTTP listeners
  • Fix crash in Payment and UserSync plugins
  • Add a badge to indicate that the store is only visible to SiteAdmin users
ArcGISMap, Geocodefarm, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7879
  • Update Geocodefarm
  • Improve UX of the applications table in "Edit User" inside Site Admin
Updates.v5 build 7865
  • Fix crash when opening Batch Role Editor
Web UI build 7861
  • Fix changing Metric issue on notifications in the Dashboard feature

Beta Release, October 2023

Portuguese Language, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7857
  • Google Maps will no longer be loaded in developer mode when the server is missing a Google Maps API key
  • Add a link to the Store from Maps and Geocoders section in Edit Application. The link is visible for servers that previously did not use Google Maps before
  • Fix bug in the Store that could show "Enable feature" button instead of "Configure" button for already enabled features.
  • Update Portuguese Language
  • Fix REST API docs
  • Add "Waiting for Google Maps to be enabled" notification while map is activating after enabling Google Maps via the Store
  • Change server update success button in the Store from "Done" to "Reload page" allowing browsers to get the new files required to enable the feature
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7851
  • REST API: Add endpoint for updating device information
  • Fix starting HTTP NMEA listeners
Mobile, Updates.v5 build 7848
  • Dashboard: Overhaul Widgets in the Fleet App to now show sum, latest value, and which data is being fetched
  • REST API: Fix calculation of accumulator value
  • Fix HTTP NMEA listeners
Spanish Language, Web UI build 7846
  • Fix issue that could cause Dashboard Drilldown windows to close when filtering the Widget view
  • Add option to list vehicles with no odometer configured from Dashboard Metric setup
  • Update Dashboard Top List bars to always be relative to the highest value
  • Improve readability for Event State Distribution Metrics in the Dashboard feature
  • Adjust Widget layout in the Dashboard feature
  • Update Spanish language
Updates.v5 build 7838
  • Fix rare occurrence when GpsGate service didn't start after reboot
Publish, Updates.v5 build 7833
  • Performance improvements to the Store
  • Ignore SiteAdmin application when activating Publish
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7830
  • Improve presentation and functionality for communicating helpful texts in the Dashboard feature
  • Fix Device Mapper Templates to display correctly when saved in SiteAdmin
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7826
  • Fix description validation error in edit application form
  • Improve Maintenance feature management for multiple applications
Updates.v5 build 7822
  • Update applications to no longer disable Google Maps when removing keys from Legacy SiteAdmin or when enabling in-Store
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7820
  • Add button to manage metrics when editing a Widget in the Dashboard feature
  • Improve UI to better inform whether a Metric is disabled in the Dashboard feature
  • Fix issue causing error when deleting custom device variables
GoogleGeolocationProvider, TelefonicaGeolocationProvider, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7813

Google Maps feature is now available in the Store

  • Add new "Maps and Geocoders" section to Edit Application form
  • Map plugins, ArcGIS layers, and custom maps are managed in the application (previously found in "Privileges" section)
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7809
  • Optimize data usage in the Dashboard feature
Web UI build 7802
  • Fix blank screen issue after creating an application from a template with "Save as Application" button
  • Dashboard: Resolution is now chosen automatically to improve performance
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7796
  • Modernize behavior and looks for our in-app notifications 
  • Dashboard: now able to select vehicles and pan the map to their current location  
Mobile, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7775
  • Adjust date range before every refresh if needed in the Maintenance feature 
  • Update Application Templates to use licenses in the same way as regular applications 
  • Add missing odometer warning to total distance metrics in the Dashboard feature 
  • Add missing translations to the Dashboard feature in the Fleet app 

Beta Release, September 2023

LdapSync, Updates.v5 build 7763
  • Performance improvements for MSSQL while fetching tracks
  • Fix user import
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7760

Allow the addition of an existing user as a SiteAdmin user

  • Go to SiteAdmin -> Users -> SiteAdmin user and click on the button "+ Site admin user". You'll see an option to select an existing user.
Updates.v5 build 7757

Further improvements to security of Email service

Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7751
  • Compatibility release
  • Improve the security of Email service
  • Fix issue with infinite scroll in Maintenance and Dashboard features
Web UI build 7749
  • Initial release of the Dashboard feature for Cloud-based platforms
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7739
  • UI improvements
Dashboard (Legacy), Updates.v5, Web UI build 7733
  • Rename Dashboard to Dashboard (Legacy)
  • Small update that now shows the date along with the time in the "Received"- column of the Track Points-table
PointsOfInterest, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7731
  • Improve security of POI service
  • Compatibility release
OneMap, Web UI build 7726
  • OneMap map and geocoder updated to the new API for August 2023.
    -Improved retina screen resolution handling.
    -Exposed satellite layer.
  • Minor UI fix to improve the appearance of toolbars.
Cleanup, Maintenance (Legacy), PointsOfInterest, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7716
  • Updates to UI for the look and feel of some buttons
  • Deprecate Archiving
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7710
  • Improve look and feel of the Side Navigation-menu.
  • Fix device mappers to copy into applications where they didn't exist.
Publish build 7706

Fix Publish to ensure that 'Share Location' function works smoothly.

Web UI build 7698
  • System admin updates to Tracks: Apply active track filters to CSV exports and add Export settings window to customize CSV exports.

Beta Release, July/August 2023

Developer Tools, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI 7666

Fix cases that produce the following error messages in Legacy SiteAdmin when doing various actions such as listing Message Providers, Add/Remove Variables, Edit Commands, Reprocess reports, and more:

  • "_SYSTEM user login can only be used from same IP address."
  • "Empty username or password."
Web UI build 7660

Provides a standardized way to include links in the UI.

Web UI build 7658

Fix issue to prevent click events not working on some reports.

Web UI build 7657

Add a new 'Script' option to the trip definition dropdown list in Device Mapper. This helps distinguish whether the variable comes from scripts or mappings.

Updates.v5 build 7656

Improve security of Tracks service.

Web UI build 7653

Compatibility release.

Basic One, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7652
  • REST API tokens are now generated from the User form.
  • The REST API token resource has been deprecated in favor of the new token workflow.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7650

Add link to "REST API Documentation" in application menu -> Admin -> Development.

Updates.v5 build 7641

Update SSH.NET to latest version.

PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5 build 7639
  • Improvements to fetching tracks in MSSQL.
  • Expose POI ID in poi.find.
Web UI 7621

Bug fix that so that the trip definition input shows all the correct options.

Updates.v5 build 7612

Compatibility for Google Maps to reflect in the Fleet app.

ArcGIS Map, Publish, Web UI build 7611
  • Share location tool fix: speed is now correctly displayed in metric km/h instead of mph when "en-uk" measurement is selected.
  • ArcGIS Map: scalebar is now displayed in metric units when "en-uk" measurement is selected. Updated ArcGIS API to latest 4.27 and 3.44 versions.
Updates.v5 build 7606
  • Command queue optimizations.

Beta Release, June 2023

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7588
  • Bug fix that showed device input variables in the Script Editor "fields" Test values. These variables could not be resolved when inserting test values. This happened for new scripts created via the Device Mapper.
  • Script Editor "fields" Test values now show mapped variables by default. Additional variables can be added via the dropdown in the "fields" section.
Web UI build 7584

Tweaks to the Device Mapper window for better UI:

  • Increase the width of the Variable column so it fits longer variable names.
  • Add a tooltip to the Device input column.
  • Add the option to resize the column widths.
Web UI build 7574

Bug fix where IAC for Closest Vehicle and Area search would display while map was not visible.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7573
  • Reverse Geocoding: optimized resource utilization for improved performance.
  • Improved error handling for email service providers.
Web UI build 7565

Bug fix to prevent log errors to console on startup for Chart.

Street View Window, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7557
  • Add a link to GpsGate Support Portal in the application main menu -> Site Admin.
  • Tracks: rearrange map layers for improved visibility.
  • Street View compatibility update.
  • Bug fix that was causing a blank page after creating a new application.
Publish build 7549

Compatibility release.

Rabbit MQ build 7547
  • Fix NullReferenceException when a RabbitMQ notifier tries to use a disabled RabbitMQ configuration.
Web UI build 7547
  • Improvements to the table component in admin panels.
Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI, Windy build 7537
  • Improve UI responsiveness when the map contains a large amount of POIs.
  • Driver rule updates:
    -Fix error processing driver tracks when a Driver Rule Has been removed or replaced.
    -Validate that only one Driver Rule can be created per application.
  • Fix ​false warning​ security audit in a UI library.
Updates.v5 build 7529
  • Handle reports with no position (0,0). Replaces (0,0) positions with the latest known position of the device.

Beta Release, May 2023

Web UI build 7524

Fix issues with application privileges not saving properly.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7522
  • Google Maps is now part of Updates.v5 plugin.
Camera, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7512
  • Make tips and troubleshooting info easy to find for admins with a link to the Support Portal in the Store.
  • Make it easier to install a new feature for the current app in the Store.
  • Fix a bug causing a blank page after creating a new application.
  • Fix a bug that caused the 'Take picture' option to not show in the vehicle right-click menu.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7496
  • Add Area Seach as a feature that can be applied to applications in the Store.
  • Fix to slow email logs query.
  • Fix for deletion of sms provider.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7480
  • The edit device mapper window now opens faster and has a new layout and look. You can still find it following the same path: Main menu -> Admin -> Device mappers.
  • Fix cell width in event table when content overflows.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7474

Distribute Area Search as part of Updates.v5.

Reporting build 7467

Handle unicode characters in reports data store for MySQL. Unsupported characters will be replaced with a ?.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7461
  • Fix issue to improve table drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Use ILogger instead of NLog.Logger in NmeaConnection class.
Device Manager, OneMap, Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7455
  • Use HTTPS to get server external IP.
  • Site Admin users are now allowed to log in to expired apps to access Site Admin settings.

Beta Release, April 2023

Web UI build 7445
  • Bug fix that displayed incorrect "Current balance" and "Estimated total" on the Product page in the Billing window.
  • Remove calls to deprecatedfindDOMNode.
BasicOne, Camera, Updates.v5, Web UI build
  • Updates in Site Admin "License" is now called "Billing".
  • UI update to Action button in the Vehicle info panel.
  • Updates to product timezone database.
  • Removed Passenger Manager plugin.
  • Bug fix that caused the buttons on the camera images window to not render.
Web UI build 7425

Fix issue that caused the Event Rule wizard toolbar to be shown as transparent.

Web UI build 7422

Fix event table rows being displayed incorrectly.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7413

Simplified Vehicle status.

Updates.v5, WASL Data Forward build 7400
  • Add user "name" property for REST API. endpoint:/applications/{applicationid:int}/usersstatus.
  • Set VehicleStatus to PARKED_ENGINE_OFF instead of DEVICE_NOT_WORKING. when TrackPoint's UTC is older than 30 minutes.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7394
  • For GpsGate Cloud instances, client resource content is loaded from the delivery network.
Updates.v5 build 7390
  • Add 'lastModified' for 'getLatestRecords' for specific user IDs.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7381
  • Bug fix and email service update.

Beta Release, March 2023

Updates.v5 7373
  • Fix RouteMessage click script when called from a notifier.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7368
  • Improve error message when using Route Message while the Script Direct Listener is disabled.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7361
  • Bug fix for Vehicle status templates: for cases when widget/action button-window wouldn't be displayed on top.
  • In case of an HttpExpression failure, the response text is logged as part of the error.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7357
  • Moving SiteAdmin Users from SiteAdmin into the application.
  • Bug fix that for cases when the New Resource window in Maintenance is displayed as blank.
Web UI build 7326
  • Visual updates to the context menu that shows up when right-clicking on the vehicles on the map or in the Vehicle List. A neater layout, updates to colors, and more legible typography improves efficiency.
  • Bug fix that caused pages Site Admin -> Settings -> Email -> Edit email provider and Edit SMS provider to not display any data in the form.
Updates.v5, Fleet app build 7318
  • Improvements to the Fleet app:
    -Vehicle variables now have both 'Changed' and 'Received' fields.
    -Add 'Last received' as a sorting option.
    -Add a toggle to set the visibility of all custom variables.
    -Vehicle variables design updates.
  • Bug fix for improperly installed Dispatch plugin.
LdapSync, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7304
  • Updates to visuals to support more robust content layout and prevent breakage when localizing.
  • Fix legibility issues caused by content overflow in Vehicle List.
  • Fix broken LdapSync.
  • Fix error code for REST API commands send to device method.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7292
  • Improve logic for showing tooltips in "Find closest vehicle".
Updates.v5 build 7288
  • Fix privileges causing failures when merging application templates.
Updates.v5 build 7282
  • Remove Map client cache over cache for URLS.
Publish, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7278
  • Application names in the main menu application selector are now automatically updated after changing the application name.
  • Remove the application from the application selector after deleting an application.
  • Fix null reference exception.
  • Fix to update device's create time to get user details.
  • Security updates.

Beta Release, February 2023

Area Search, Conneqtech, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7271
  • Fix bugs and layout issues in Area Search.
  • Fix null reference exception.
Publish, Updates.v5 build 7267
  • Fix for Publish link function.
Crash, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7263
  • Fix REST API to support adding users to Site Admin.
  • New version of Vehicle status markers. Users need to reconfigure their templates to get the latest version of this tool.

Updates to UI for Crash plugin:

  • Crash status icon was not visible in vehicle list column.
  • Info tooltip for Crash data graph showed "undefined" instead of time (horizontal scale).
  • Added missing localizations.
  • Format coordinates to follow the locale/unit settings.
Hogia, Web UI build 7249
  • Add support for Hogia.
  • Facelift Map Toolbar with improved layout and colors.
PointsofInterest, Updates.v5 build 7244

Fix POI import.

Updates.v5 build 7241

Fix issue that caused error "Session was not found with Session id = -1" on login page, although login was possible after page reload.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7223
  • Security improvements.
  • Improve select component, select all, and select none functionality.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7216

Support all SSL Protocols for secure TCP connections.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7207
  • Simplified Vehicle Status configuration.
  • Security improvements.
DataForward build 7201

Support using hostname instead of IP as target for Data Forward.

Updates.v5 build 7194

Fix search field in Site Administration -> Manage Applications -> Edit application which now returns results regardless of letter case.

Updates.v5 build 7177

Improve performance when resolving variable values for event notifiers.

Spanish Language build 7177

New Spanish language keys for Maintenance and Localization editor.

RabbitMQ build 7170
  • Support for AMQPS in RabbitMQ.
Reporting, Updates.v5 build 7163
  • Add support for page break in Excel reports.
  • Fix CSV file content when exporting from Events panel. File now contains ​ClosedByUser​ column for past events.

Beta Release, January 2023

Web UI, Updates.v5 build 7136
  • Fix bug with Chrome and Edge browsers that caused incorrect layout of Dashboard, Events, and Dispatch panels when "focused" after the application has loaded.
  • Use composition instead of inheritance for parsing logic.
  • Mark GenericParser obsolete.
  • Add LengthDecoder and PatternDecoder decoders
Web UI build 7131

Fix issue that caused the Vehicle Marker label to have blurry text in Chrome browsers.

Web UI build 7129
  • Add accumulator start values to Daily Summary.
  • Fix bug where Vehicle Status panel would crash.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7128

Add support to batch edit Status Indicator and Position Marker in the application.

Web UI build 7127
  • Double-clicking a panel header or panel tab will now maximize/minimize it. Similar to Window behavior.
  • Double-clicking a column separator maximizes/minimizes the column.
Updates.v5 build 7117

Keep listener IP address synced between config file and DB.

Web UI build 7114

Display Odometer Distance Factor value with selected number format (culture) settings in User Form.

Web UI, Updates.v5 build

Info message appears in Application and Template List when the table doesn't have any information to display.

Updates.v5 build 7111

Security improvements.

Publish, Updates.v5 build 7107

Fix for Publish plugin when using MsSQL database.

Updates.v5 build 7101

REST API methods now includes an original user application identifier for:

  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users
  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:long}
  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{username:string}
Updates.v5 build 7099

Unify repo URL handling in Deploy V2 using REST API.

Updates.v5 build 7092

Fix to avoid double fetching tracks during post processing.

SAML build 7089
  • Fix SAML integration by passing the AuthnRequest to the Identity provider.
  • Support for Okta and Azure AD with SAML SSO.
ArcGISMap, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7088
  • Update to ArcGIS Map so that ArcGIS Layer now supports WMTS maps. Update ArcGIS API to 3.42 and 4.25 respectively.
  • Instructional text updates in Email, Error, and Profiling Logs when the table is blank.

Beta Release, December 2022

Publish, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7083
  • Improve link sharing management with shorter URLs, and an "Active published links" pop-up window.
  • Add user onboarding for "Find closest vehicle".
  • Add Latitude and Longitude column options for the vehicle list.
  • Bug fix that causes columns in the Vehicle list to not sort on selected column after switching views.
  • Bug fixes for POI search.
Web UI, Windy build 7081
  • Improve performance and stability of the map layer.
Updates.v5 build 7079

Fix a bug that prevented "Invariant culture" to be saved for the application in Edit Application form.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7077
  • Show vehicle marker labels when running track replay, dragging the playhead or stepping through track points in the timeline.
  • Add a search bar to the Main menu.
  • Fix deleting group that doesn't belong to a geofence event expression.
  • Update the design and functionality of Localization Editor.
  • Changes in database handling for AWS Aurora Serverless v1. Fix rare case where locks to exclusive resources were not released causing intermittent errors.
Cleanup, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7072
  • Remove Application Cleanup page from Site Admin.
  • Fix to Device Mapper. Switched off listeners will not be shown in the Device Mapper window.
Howen, Updates.v5, Web UI, WatchDog.Client build 7070
  • Add accumulator data to available columns in Daily Summary.
  • Disable watchdog alerts on invalid license.
  • Fix to AUtoRoundTrip for HTTP connections in cases when 'Thread already have a RoundTrip assigned' produces an error message for HTTP connections.
  • Fix in cases when the "References" table under "App Builder" scripts didn't show data.
Updates.v5 7069

Improve performance when using aggregate function template variables in event rules. For example, when using ReportArgumentNotifiers with $MAX([SOMEVARIABLE]).

Arabic Language, Chinese Language, French Language, German Language, Hindi Language, Indonesian Language, Portuguese Language, Spanish Language, Swedish Language, Updates.v5, Windy build 7067
  • Removed unused localization keys. These keys were also not being sorted properly in the localization editor.
  • Windy is now available under the "Maps" category in Privileges and Features.
Updates.v5, Web UI, Windy build 7064

Use weather map as a map layer in the application.

Updates.v6 build 7061

Remove duplicate English language option in application default language dropdown.

Rendezvous, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7044
  • Show track point data during Tracks replay.
  • Fix a bug that caused Tracks Panel to display "Heading" as 0 (zero) when track points were considered a fat point.
  • Error handling.
Web UI build 7034

Fix issue to avoid errors when saving an application as template.

PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7033
  • Compatibility release for Geofence, POI, and Emailing features.
  • Copy change in Manage Applications table to reflect more specific billing.
Developer Tools, Updates.v5 build 7031

Form fix for Site Admin "Reports reprocessing" dates.


Beta Release, November 2022

Web UI build 7023

Add text color to Daily Summary bounding box context menu rows.

Updates.v5 build 7020

Update the Event API to allow fetching events for a user tag.

Web UI build 7015

Fix a case that caused VehicleTracker infinite loading if user entered a VehicleTracker URL in the browser while being logged into SiteAdmin.

Updates.v5 build 7014

Fix rare case where UI updates such as position are missing after a lost network connection is regained.

Updates.v5 build 7003
  • Compatibility fixes.
  • Fix adding admin using the password reset tool.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6989
  • Improve performance of device mapper loading.
  • Removed deprecated "Default vehicle" field in User Access Mask Editor -> Driver info section.
    - Moved Driver ID to Details section to match User Edit form placement.
    - Removed Driver Info section from User Access Mask Editor.
Maintenance (Legacy), Updates.v5, Web UI build 6979
  • Fix rare case where Maintenance (Legacy) would fail due to missing privileges.
  • Closest vehicle tool: draws a straight line when hovering or clicking on a vehicle.
ArcGisMap, Google Maps, Grid Lines, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6976
  • New, consistent format of reporting file name, containing dates. This update applies to scheduled reports that are dowloaded and sent via e-mail.
  • Updated ArcGIS map API to 4.24 and 3.41 for improved performance.
    -More graceful handling of broken, and partly broken/incompatible ArcGIS layers. You will now see a warning indicator in the layer list for such layers.
    -ArcGIS layer list selector is now always added.
    -ArcGIS layers with global coverage will not get the "zoom to" action button in the layer list.
  • Google Maps traffic button can now be invoked using keyboard.
Updates.v5 build 6972

Compatibility release.

Web UI build 6967

Fix issue so that panels are correctly displayed after toggling back and forth in the application.

Web UI build 6966

Draw event and standstills on event map layer.

Web UI build 6965
  • Allow moving map with vehicle when running track replay.
  • Avoid clearing service schedule form when a resource is added.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6963
  • Fix install default mapper entry.
  • SplitButton now supports longer titles without stretching outside the title container.
Camera build 6960

Compatibility fixes for Camera plugin.

Updates.v5 build 6960
  • Fix erroneous validation of user properties causing various issues.
  • Fix REST API response messages and HTTP code when passing invalid data while adding new user.
Web UI build 6955

Charts now allows color coding of variables.

Web UI build 6948

Show trail of selected menu items in application main menu.

Web UI build 6942

Change initial panel height to fit welcome message.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6938
  • System errors are now found within user applications in Site Admin in addition to Site Admin (Legacy).
  • 'Subscription has expired' message now the displays the subscription id making it easier to find the affected servers.
Web UI build 6937

Improvement to make administrator and application tag names:

  • legible in search fields despite the length of application name
  • easy to search for in all 'Manage applications' fields
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6936
  • Add export functionality to Daily Summary.
  • Bug fix that could cause the Site Admin device terminal page to become blank and not show anything.
  • Fix always "0" filled in "Licenses used" column in ​Manage Application​​ window.

Beta release, October 2022

Updates.v5 build 6930

Compatibility release.

Updates.v5 build 6928

Add missing localization key for "Find closest vehicles".

Updates.v5 build 6927

Fix an issue with Batch Import Users. Eliminates an error when accumulators have to be explicitly presented in a CSV import file to be added to a new user even if those accumulators are in an appropriate User Template.

Spanish Language build 6925

Updated Spanish language file with new localization keys.

Updates.v5 build 6924

Compatibility release.

Mobile build 6923

Fleet App: bug fix where pressing the Vehicle tab would crash the app in certain cases.

Web UI build 6922

Tracks: keyboard navigation will only trigger the track point tooltip when Automatic tooltip is enabled.

Web UI build 6919
  • Add track point time & date to track point tooltip.
  • Change Tracks color presets, remove red and add teal.
Build One, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6915

Enable the Odometer Accumulator for new devices by default:

  • Add the Odometer Accumulator to all existing User Types what contain mapped devices.
  • If a mapped device supports a hardware odometer then the Odometer Accumulator will be set to use it by default.
  • When creating a new User Type and at least one device is mapped the Odometer Accumulator will be preselected.
  • Update "Basic One" and "User Types" templates
  • Improved "Batch Import Users" and "Batch Update. Users" jobs to support setting of "Use Device Odometer" property.

Add missing localization keys:

  • Server Administration -> Terminal window.
  • For quick branding button in main menu in VehicleTracker.

Renamed the following main menu options in VehicleTracker:

  • "Server Administration" to "Site Admin".
  • "Server Administration -> Server" to "Site Admin -> Account".
  • "Server Terminal" to "Terminal".
  • "Server branding" settings page to "Site branding".
  • "Site Admin Application" to "Site Admin (Legacy).
Updates.v5 build 6907

Add missing localization keys.

Web UI build 6905

The date in Store FeatureCards is now formatted according to country and languages selected in localization settings.

Archiving, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6901
  • Add option to find the 5 closest vehicles to a selected location on map. Right click on the map and select the option "Find closest vehicles."
  • Missing localization keys in Email Logs added.
  • Compatibility fixes.
Updates.v5 build 6900

Sort sub privileges like _ReadMessageFields alphabetically in Edit Application -> Privilege section.

Updates.v5 build 6897

Improved error handling.

Updates.v5 build 6893

Add 'protected void ToGpsGate' for TrackPoint, Status, and OneWireData.

Terminal, Web UI build 6892

New separators in the Site Admin window for clearer and more consistent titles.

Updates.v5, Web UI 6890

Updates to email logs: able to filter Queued and Cancelled emails and Cancel pending emails.

Updates.v5 6886
  • Remove unused PostgreSQL database connection.
  • Fix removing resources associated with a user when removing the user.
  • Fix rare case causing database connection to leak and not reuse.
Basic One, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6882

Changes to application branding to make it easy to edit. The privilege is enabled for Master and _Administrator roles of each application by default and includes:

  • Application branding, logo, and colors, can now be be quickly configured just by clicking the logo image-location in the upper left corner of VehicleTracker.
  • Add a new "_EditApplicationBranding" privilege to control availability of the "Quick add app branding" feature.
Updates.v5 build 6878

Email Service version update.

Web UI build 6876

Fix issue where the user could not select the license expiration date later than 2023.

Web UI build 6875
  • Auto focus text input field in Send Test Email popup in Server Administration -> Settings -> Email. Disable Send button and show spinner while test email is being sent.
  • Fix issue that could lead to the track point tooltip being unable to open.
  • Fix issue with some panels crashing when converting panel to window.
  • Fix issue with menu now shown in maintenance panel and table not being updated when panel becomes active.
Web UI build 6872

Improve empty states in Maintenance in GpsGate Cloud.

Web UI build 6871

Fix to prevent workspace to go to Default instead of a new workspace.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6870
  • Fix to show Maintenance panel with Maintenance (Legacy).
  • Improve Maintenance sample data in GpsGate Cloud.
Web UI build 6868
  • Improve variable localization in tooltips for Charts and Tracks.
  • Add a menu option to disable automatic opening of the track point tooltip.
Web UI build 6863
  • Bug fix in the select dropdown that caused a blank area during search and permanent search result after closing the overlay.
  • Sort Track tooltip variables to make it easier to find relevant data.
  • Made it easier to select/deselect multiple table columns.
  • Autofocus table columns search input.
Updates.v5 build 6859

Mobile app for the brand new GpsGate Cloud Maintenance feature.

Updates.v5, WebUI, build 6858
  • Introducing GpsGate Store, an in-app store where new free and paid features are offered.
  • Introducing GpsGate Maintenance feature for cloud-hosted servers.
  • Support setup having a reverse proxy or load balancer with public HTTPS and HTTP targets.
  • Fix issue that in some scenarios rendered daily summary and tracks panel to show different distances.


Beta release, September 2022

Maintenance (Legacy), Updates.v5 build 6830

Rename Maintenance plugin to "Maintenance (Legacy)."

Updates.v5 build 6825

Fix cleanup of track data.

Terminal, Web UI build 6820

Fix missing Server Terminal option in Server Administration menu.

Howen, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6811
  • Fix to Howen installation protocol.
  • Outgoing command notifier optimizations.
  • Error and profiler logs pages have moved in-app.
Updates.v5 build 6806

Improved track backend for (cloud-hosted customers).

Updates.v5 build

Updated product timezone database.

Updates.v5 build 6788

Fix incorrect format in the file containing the registry of supported Time Zones. This prevents issues related to time zones in the product.

Updates.v5 build 6785

Removed duplicate time zone entries in Server and Application settings time zone dropdown.

Web UI build 6779

Fix for crashes related to select form.

Web UI build 6771

Improvement to the UX for selecting/deselecting all items in a select-field.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6770
  • Fixes for Slack Notifier.
  • Static HttpClient for Telegram.
  • Error messages will be shown when editing notifiers in event rules.
  • Branding logo changes: logo is now always shown to the side of the top menu. The selected branding color is now shown as background for the logo image for better preview.
Updates.v5 build 6766

Add Driver ID field to entity for creating user using REST API.

Updates.v5 build 6764
  • Telegram integration: we now support sending event notifications from GpsGate Server to Telegram.
  • Compatibility release.
RabbitMQ, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6762
  • Do not expire Kml feed session.
  • Enhancements and updates.
Reporting, Statistic, Terminal, Web UI build 6759
  • Fix issue with CSV files not properly displaying certain characters like Arabic when imported in Excel.
  • Fix issue with failed report rendering in Excel format when report contained inset, outset, groove or ridge border style.

Beta release, July/August 2022

Points of Interest, Updates.v5 build 6743
  • Add support for multiline text for User Description property and custom fields of type "Paragraph Text" for Batch Edit/Import/Update User features.
  • Fix a rare issue with POI search when it might throw an exception.
Terminal, Updates.v5 build 6742

UI improvements in the Queue viewer page in Server Administration.

Publish, RabbitMQ, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6738
  • The Publish map (iframe) now exposes a micro API for extensions.
  • RabbitMQ compatibility fix.
  • Various performance improvements.
RabbitMQ, Web UI build 6737
  • RabbitMQ: add possibility to enable and disable each configuration, and set timeout for connections. Improve failure handling.
  • Web UI: fix speed column data not being visible when exported.
  • Web UI: add more checks to ensure device edit form is displayed only when all data is loaded.
Web UI build 6736

Fix an issue when using a calendar in dispatch causes an error.

Updates.v5 build 6735

Add index on 'sessions' table 'expire' column.

PointsOfInterest build 6733

Fix an issue when POI mega search could return duplicates.

Web UI build 6732

Fix to remove duplicated keys when there is more than one track point with the same timestamp.

Updates v.5 build 6731

Fix the search-box in Server Administration -> Applications -> Manage Applications. A search could sometimes fail with a blank page as a result.

Updates.v5 build 6728
  • Fix memory leak for sessions.
  • Support for event from GpsGate Server to Slack.
AreaSearch, Web UI build 6713
  • Modernized AreaSearch look with new React UI.
  • Add new English language keys and icons.
Updates.v5 build 6711

Fix case where email components could use excessive resources.

Updates.v5 build 6708

Fix issue where the email component could malfunction and use excessive resources.

Terminal, Updates.v5 build 6702

Update privileges to show under Data in User Actions. Tracks changes going forward, but not historical.

PickPoint build 6691

Fix reverse geocoding for PickPoint.

Updates.v5 build 6688

Improve error message language around weak passwords when adding API new user.

Web UI build 6685

Disable Switch to Application icon when application is expired.

Updates.v5 6683

Add option to export a template as xml in Manage Applications.

UserSync build 6676

Fix user sync stopped working when using tags.

Maintenance, PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6675
  • Fix for invalid line break in maintenance notifications.
  • Fix for situation with database upgrade from MySQL < 5.5.3.
  • Fix an issue with the Batch Update User functionality in cases when there are both a tag and a role have the same names.
  • Fix deploy in cases where a plugin dependency is not part of the current repository.

Beta release, June 2022

Web UI build 6668

Fix instance when markers failed to show up on the map while alternating between views.

Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6667

Site Admin terminal and queue viewer pages have moved in-app! These features are now found in the app's main menu -> Server Administration -> Status -> Server Terminal.

Reporting, Updates.v5 build 6665

Reports are now available in Excel format (xlsx).

Google Maps build 6661

Update Google Maps plugin.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6656

Security settings updated to accommodate service email providers.

Web UI 6641

Duration fields in events and Tracks now processes time in seconds.

Google Maps build 6638

Fix issue where Google Maps was not populating in Fleet App.

Updates.v5 build 6627
  • Improve message options when sending to a receiver with a delay or full inbox.
  • Add support for aborting emails and sending cancellations.
Web UI build 6623

Fix localizations in admin forms.

Web UI build 6619

Fix text on Form Items to avoid crammed text.

Updates.v5 6616

Email service version update to include email message validation.

Camera build 6615
  • Camera date picker no longer indicates photos are present when they are not.
  • Camera photo overview window and photo window can now be resized and maximized.
  • Downloading a photo now gets the same name as when it was uploaded.
Web UI build 6612

Updated cross-site ASPX setting title and toggle for added security.

Updates.v5 build 6602

Improve filtering for malformed and corrupted email messages that contained no body or attachments.

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