GpsGate Server

Beta release, November 2021

Points of Interest, Reporting, Updates.v5 build 6032
  • Add REST API for updating geofences.
  • Make POI search less fuzzy - ensure all search words are considered during search.
  • Reduce database load spikes when syncing reporting data for decoupled components (e.g. POI and geofences).
  • Add language and measurement to the application exposable in scripting.
Dashboard, Dispatch, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6024
  • Great UI updates provide a new and more modern look and feel to the entire application.
  • Branding color is more prominent in the application.
  • Make sure all selected items in report parameters are shown without horizontal scroll.
  • Cleanup reports on disk 15 days after creation.
Web UI build 6014

Tracks - Make it easier to click on a trip on the map by increasing the click area.

Publish, Reporting build 6013
  • Better error logging when an report fails to be emailed.
  • Remove Google Maps key from url when generating a share location link.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6008

Additions and fixes to the new in-app server administration options:

  • Move system messages in-app (previously in Site Admin).
  • Increase text size on system message popup in the app.
  • Move Active Directory settings page (previously in Site Admin).
  • Fix a bug that showed an empty "Admin" menu option for non-admin users. Admin features were not visible or accessible for non-admin users.
  • Fix issue where changing sort order in email/SMS provider settings opens the edit window as you release the drag bar (Firefox).
  • Fix issue where user could change email/SMS provider rows order without unlocking the page (Note: the changes could not be saved).
Web UI build 6004

The user interface is getting some upgrades for tables:

  • Improve the way we calculate column sizes when adding a new table column.
  • Improve the way we calculate the position of new table column(s).
Dtac, Updates.v5 build 6001

Fix issue where the database connection did not automatically handle failover when using MySql database clusters such as AWS Aurora.

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