GpsGate Server

Beta release, October 2022

Web UI build 6876

Fix issue where the user could not select the license expiration date later than 2023.

Web UI build 6875
  • Auto focus text input field in Send Test Email popup in Server Administration -> Settings -> Email. Disable Send button and show spinner while test email is being sent.
  • Fix issue that could lead to the track point tooltip being unable to open.
  • Fix issue with some panels crashing when converting panel to window.
  • Fix issue with menu now shown in maintenance panel and table not being updated when panel gets active.
Web UI build 6872

Improved empty states in Maintenance in GpsGate Cloud.

Web UI build 6871

Fix to prevent workspace to go to Default instead of a new workspace.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6870
  • Fix to show Maintenance panel with Maintenance (Legacy).
  • Improve Maintenance sample data in GpsGate Cloud.
Web UI build 6868
  • Improve variable localization in tooltips for Charts and Tracks.
  • Add a menu option to disable automatic opening of the track point tooltip.
Web UI build 6863
  • Bug fix in the select dropdown that caused a blank area during search and permanent search result after closing the overlay.
  • Sort Track tooltip variables to make it easier to find relevant data.
  • Made it easier to select/deselect multiple table columns.
  • Autofocus table columns search input.
Updates.v5 build 6859

Mobile app for the brand new GpsGate Cloud Maintenance feature.

Updates.v5, WebUI, build 6858
  • Introducing Feature Store, an in-app store where new free and paid features are offered.
  • Introducing GpsGate Maintenance feature for cloud-hosted servers.
  • Support setup having a reverse proxy or load balancer with public HTTPS and HTTP targets.
  • Fix issue that in some scenarios rendered daily summary and tracks panel to show different distances.

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