Beta release, April 2022

Web UI build 6471

The KML Feed control's url is absolute again (includes full server URL).

Points of Interest build 6470

Fix issued with the event rule clone function of rules that contains POI expressions.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6469
  • Fix bug where brackets was rendered in the Tracks panel.
  • Vehicle Status: Fix bug where bluetooth icon won't show.
  • Fix bug so emails sent by WatchDog.Client server are not detected as SPAM.
  • Localize Teltonika one wire SensorTemp variable in Edit User form.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6466
  • Updates email service components to work properly with message queue.
  • Minor UI improvements.
AreaSearch, Map Coordinates, Map Measure Tool, Online Status, Web UI build 6465
  • Map tools that are not map fullscreen compatible will not have visible activation buttons when in fullscreen mode.
  • Optimize fullscreen map mode for use in Safari.
Updates.v5 build 6461

Fix issue where Android auto registration won't work.

Archiving, ATrack, HTTP Expression, Maintenance, Payment, Reporting, Terminal, Updates.v5, WatchDog.Client, Web UI build 6459
  • Changes the way email messages are sent.
  • Add auto focus to name form field when creating a new Tag, View, or Localization key. Now you don't have to select the field manually before typing.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6457

Redirect to log in page if an error occurs when selecting an application to log in to.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6450

Fix typos and improve texts in Batch Update Users > Accumulators form.

ArcGISMap, French Language, Updates.v5, WatchDog.Client, Web UI build 6444
  • ArcGIS Maps/Layers can be configured with an optional ArcGIS API key to access premium features. See SiteAdmin->Maps->ArcGIS->ArcGIS  API Customization.
    ArcGIS Maps now adheres to the configured map language for your VT application.
    ArcGIS API update to latest version, v4.23 and v3.39 (legacy).
  • French Language: fix an issue that caused vehicle list buckets filter to not display any vehicles when using French language.
  • WatchDog.Client: WatchDog performance improvements.
  • Web UI: Null values in the vehicle list are shown as an empty string again.
Updates.v5 build 6442

Fix an issue when user is trying to save an SMS provider. When using the MS SQL Server, an error shows "value was too large or too small for an unsigned byte."

Web UI, Points of Interest build 6435
  • Custom fields table displays long values better without overlap.
  • POI Export could display non-human readable error message.
  • "User Access Mask Editor" works again.
  • UI is more tablet touch-friendly. Windows and panels can be moved and resized.
  • Fix bug when the "Filter on tag" menu was duplicated after a view change.
Basic One build 6425

Fix workspace in Basic One template.

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