Beta Release, April 2023

Web UI build 7445
  • Bug fix that displayed incorrect "Current balance" and "Estimated total" on the Product page in the Billing window.
  • Remove calls to deprecatedfindDOMNode.
BasicOne, Camera, Updates.v5, Web UI build
  • Updates in Site Admin "License" is now called "Billing".
  • UI update to Action button in the Vehicle info panel.
  • Updates to product timezone database.
  • Removed Passenger Manager plugin.
  • Bug fix that caused the buttons on the camera images window to not render.
Web UI build 7425

Fix issue that caused the Event Rule wizard toolbar to be shown as transparent.

Web UI build 7422

Fix event table rows being displayed incorrectly.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7413

Simplified Vehicle status.

Updates.v5, WASL Data Forward build 7400
  • Add user "name" property for REST API. endpoint:/applications/{applicationid:int}/usersstatus.
  • Set VehicleStatus to PARKED_ENGINE_OFF instead of DEVICE_NOT_WORKING. when TrackPoint's UTC is older than 30 minutes.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7394
  • For GpsGate Cloud instances, client resource content is loaded from the delivery network.
Updates.v5 build 7390
  • Add 'lastModified' for 'getLatestRecords' for specific user IDs.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7381
  • Bug fix and email service update.
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