Beta release, December 2021

Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish build 6161

Add new keys for Daily Summary, Track Filters. Missing keys here and there plus some small corrections.

Web UI build 6160

Avoid closing the Daily Summary context menu on vehicle updates when the chart isn't available.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6159
  • Add localization keys "Application tag" and "Sent to."
  • The "Due date" phrase can now be localized in License -> Invoice view.
Dispatch, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6154
  • Avoid closing Daily Summary context menu on vehicle updates.
  • Add SFTP support in the timer click script with username/password authentication.
  • Fix a bug in Dispatch that displayed multiple "Pick job location" in the right-click menu.
  • License invoice history is now displayed with the most recent due invoice on top. Remove empty parentheses in the Product column for some products.
  • Fix Server Administration windows not getting localized window titles.
WebUI, Updates.v5 build 6145
  • Add REST API methods to check status and cancel a sent command.
  • Tracks panel: Track Filters now filter the data in the Timeline view.
Web UI build 6141

Improve UI appearance for customers using very dark brand colors.

WebUI build 6140
  • Print detailed short time formats in tooltips.
  • When inspecting a trackpoint on the map, the tooltip now shows all available signal values.
Updates.v5, Points Of Interest, WebUI build 6138
  • Update of MySQL, including stability fixes for Geofence and Points Of Interest.
  • WebUI: Add support for opening trips with multiple, separate timespans in Charts from Daily Summary.
Points of Interest build 6136
  • Add a privilege that controls the ability to Export POIs. (_ExportLocation).
Camera, Web UI build 6133
  • Fix the Camera column icon not being displayed in the Vehicle list.
  • The map is zoomed and positioned to show all your vehicles at first start again (if your Workspace has menu "Map->Zoom to view" enabled).
Web UI build 6130
  • Tracks can now be filtered! We added a track filter window for filtering track point data.
  • Tracks time info is more detailed. The track point table now shows seconds when viewing times.
Hytera, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6124
  • Introducing the Tracks Daily Summary panel! You can quickly get a brief overview of historical fleet data over larger time spans. The Tracks panel now handles multiple time spans to support selecting multiple tracks from different days and vehicles in a daily summary and viewing them in the Tracks panel.
  • Fix a bug with application branding color not being applied if no branding logo was uploaded.
  • Hytera AVLClient Service configuration fix.
Updates.v5 build 6117

Add REST API to update basic properties of an application such as Name, Description, License limit, Localization, and more.

Web UI build 6114

A vehicle(s) selected in both a Tracks panel and Charts will be the same color.

Indoor Positioning System, Mobile, Web UI build 6111
  • Google Maps and MultiMonitor and right-click vehicle list works again for servers running Web UI versions greater than
  • Mobile "/m" login works again.
  • "Show on map" in Step 6 in Event Rule wizard works again.
  • Indoor Positioning System moved to Server Administration -> Devices -> Indoor Positioning System. The menu item background color is now blue as the other options.
Google Maps, MultiMonitor, Updates.v5 build 6107
  • Google Maps works again for servers that use the Beta Web UI.
  • MultiMonitor works again for servers that use the Beta Web UI. Note: this also fixes the broken right-click on vehicles in vehicle list.
  • Security improvements.
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