Beta release, February 2021

Updates.V5 Build #5230
  • Added some more cache busts and increased cache bust version to try to avoid some cases where login page resources were cached even after updating the server.
Greek, Francais, Arabic build 5225
  • Fixed an issue where “Null” in respective language was displayed after the value in certain reports for French, Greek and Arabic languages.
Chinese, Espanol, German, Portuguese build 5224
  • Language key updates and additions
  • Fixed an issue where “Null” in respective language was displayed after the value in certain reports for Chinese language.
Updates.v5 build 5222
  • Mouse wheel zoom works on custom maps again.
  • Added DEBUG: to messages that are not errors in geofence cache log.
Updates.v5 build 5210
  • Deploy framework can now check if GpsGate Server is running on a server with .net48 runtime installed.
  • Better error message when a .net Framework is missing, including link to download page.
  • Removed excessive and faulty error log message.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Application Tags to be selected in the SMS Provider dropdown in SiteAdmin -> Settings -> SMS page.
Updates.v5, Maintenance, RabbitMQ build 5210

Improved performance executing Event Rules.

Datcom build 5199

Fixed Datcom protocol.

Updates.v5 build 5199

Do not allow login to the desktop application (Vehicle Tracker) while having only the _MobileLogin privilege. Previously having the _MobileLogin would allow login to the desktop application. As this is no longer the case, some roles might have to be updated accordingly.

  • _MobileLogin is required to access the Mobile site
  • _WebLogin is required to access the Desktop site

Warning in Site Admin when using MySQL 8.0.23, which is not compatible with GpsGate.

Updates.v5 build 5197

Set a capacity for device processing queues. Once the capacity is reached, the device will be disconnected and will require reconnecting.

Updates.v5, Reporting, AreaSearch build 5192
  • Added shortcut date ranges to context menu (today, yesterday, this week, and last week).
  • Added standstills to the map (clustering not included).
  • AreaSearch now uses Tracks 2.0 if enabled.
  • Reporting now uses Tracks 2.0 if enabled.
  • Events now uses Tracks 2.0 if enabled.
  • Workspace switching improvements.
  • Fixed issues with the panel menu.
  • Various tiny bug fixes.
Updates.v5 build 5187

Fixed bug saving status icon in User Form.

Saml build 5183

Improved logging

Updates.v5 build 5173

Fixed bug that could cause tracks to not load on large servers with a short device update interval.

Geoserver build 5173

Geoserver Map can now opt out of using background color (bgColor) for possibly better tile caching.

Updates.v5, Mobile build 5169
  • Fixed issue in mobile causing IIS not booting up and register components as expected. This caused issues like EventRules having Geofence Expression could not be created or modified.
  • Disable Event Rule HTTP notifier (Command Notifier -> Custom Server -> http) if there are 10 consecutive notification failures within a 10 minute period. Re-enabling the notifier after 10 minutes.
Updates.v5, Reporting build 5169


Updates.v5 build 5158
  • Fixed issue with accumulator datepicker in user form.
  • Fixed issue with default value for settings profile not being displayed when opening a user type in the user type form and not being used in user form correctly.
  • Wrote #ERR in fields in vehicle list that earlier crashed the complete list.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException while fetching SessionContext without a cookie set. Update assembly redirect for Newtonsoft.Json.
Hytera, DLTClient, Datcom  build 5158

Compatibillity release.

Tracks build 69

Fixed tracks v2 and roadworks conflict.

RELEASE: Fleet app v1.7.3
  • New: Map providers can now be enabled/disabled (specifically for the Fleet app) on the server using the _FleetAppUseMap privilege.
  • Fixed: Geofences on Google Maps should be displayed with the correct color all the time now.
  • Fixed: Avoid app crashing when a geofence group is deleted on the server.
  • Fixed: Touches outside a bottom sheet should minimize the bottom sheet.
Updates.v5, Sanav build 5147

Removed aspx webform based http device endpoints under the following paths:
- http(s)://hostname/gpsgate.aspx
- http(s)://hostname/sanav.aspx

Publish build 5140

All scripts are now loaded from relative paths. Allows for UI port forwarding.

Updates.v5 build 5140
  • First release of Tracks v2 beta.
  • utf8mb4 connection string charset for newer MySql versions.
  • All scripts are now loaded from relative paths. Allows for UI port forwarding.
Updates.v5, Google Maps, Bing, HERE, AreaSearch, Sound Alarm, MultiMonitor, Grid Lines, Map Measure Tool, Cubitech build 5129

Performance improvements. Faster loading.

Portuguese Language build 5129

'Portuguese' is completely updated; language flavor is Brazilian Portuguese. The separate 'Portuguese Brazil' language is removed.

Updates.v5, Google Maps, ArcGISMap build 5129

Fleet app maps are now protected by a privilege: _FleetAppUseMap. Supported Maps are Google Maps and ArcGis map.

Espanol Language build 5129

Removed 'Espanol 2' language.

Chinese Language, German Language build 5120

Language key updates.

Maintenence build 5120

Fixed a bug that could cause the Maintenance Notification form to not display properly.

Updates.v5 build 5120
  • Fixed migration for Arabic geofences.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the command tag new/edit window to not display properly.
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