Beta release, February 2022

Web UI build 6331
  • Charts: Add option to panel menu to clear selection when closing.
  • Charts: Settings and variables can be saved to workspace.
  • Tracks: Improve performance in the tracks panel when drawing larger tracks.
Globalstar build 6330

Fix http post response and handling messages from multiple devices in a single packet. (device plugin)

WebUI build 6321

Change icon used by the Panel Menu to FA5 bars.

Use SVG icons: add regular weight for minus and plus FA5 icons.

Unify behavior and styling for Panel Menu Button and the rest of the window control buttons. Use same structure in both DOM and CSS.

Update styling of window bar:

  • Set height to 32px to match pixel grid used in the rest of the UI.
  • Convert layout to flexbox for easier and robust alignment
Web UI build 6319
  • Support adding vehicles not in view to Tracks, Daily Summary, and Chart.
  • Fix Dashboard and Dispatch not displaying items in Edit windows.
Web UI build 6313
  • Add track replay to Tracks.
  • Update layout and responsive behavior of Toolbar component to simplify layout and future development.
  • Create variables for semi-transparent greytones #6798
Eview, GlobalStar build 6306
  • GlobalStar: add support for SmartOne C device
  • Eview: more robust position parsing
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6302
  • Add more server Cleanup interval options to the UI in Server Administration -> Settings -> Cleanup.
  • Fix a rare case of failing to load the license page in server administration settings.
  • Cleanup scheduled tasks for deprecated Drivers Journal plugin.
  • Events exporting: fixed the case when a date part of an export file name might be different from a selected start date.
  • Events exporting: fixed the case when exported events might be different form those are displayed on UI.
Eview build 6286

Fix position validity.

Eview, Updates.v5 build 6285

Fix byte array to Int conversion.

HTTP Expression build 6281

Improved logging for HttpExpression failures.

Basic One, Web UI build 6279
  • Fix a bug that causes Dashboard panel and Dispatch Add Job window to crash.
  • Remove strong password setting from Basic one template.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6276

Remove some forgotten old Strong Password usage.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6268
  • Security improvements.
  • Support Custom fields in Vehicle status templates.
  • Add support for Eview devices.
Eview, Updates.v5 build 6267

Add support for EV-04 device.

Web UI build 6264

General changes:

  • Fix WFS Geocoder compatibility.
  • Localize hover text on export and drawing options arrow down button (Tracks legacy).

Additional password criteria for user passwords:
Added password criteria that can be toggled on/off separately in for the server in Server Administration -> Settings -> Security. These criteria will replace the "Strong Password" setting that was previously found on applications.
This includes:

  • Minimum password length 8 characters (mandatory for new passwords)
  • Require lowercase (optional, enabled by default)
  • Require uppercase (optional, enabled by default)
  • Require number (optional, enabled by default)
  • Require special character (optional, enabled by default)
Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6259
  • Move map track point drawing code to its own service. Reduces the loading time when opening a track point tooltip.
  • Clicking on a track point in the Tracks panel will update trackPoint object in the Script Editor.
Updates.v5, WebUI build 6255

Fixes to POI panel layout which was causing content overflow in narrow column widths.

  • Improved the UI with an example telling what units are expected.
  • Fixed an error messages displaying.
  • Made errors show a correct info.

Breaking change:

  • Made a batch update accumulators work with units specified in the application settings.
  • E.g. if before accumulator values were expected to be in meters, then now they should be in kilometers or miles (depending on what unit is selected in the application settings).
Updates.v5, WebUI build 6248
  • Add missing Listener URL form field for Twilio SMS provider.
  • Fixed a sending of a test SMS for a case when an SMS provider has application tags selected.
Points of Interest, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6230
  • Tracks: Hover over a track on the map to show the closest track point.
  • Improved security.
  • Deprecation: SOAP web service will no longer be available for reporting.
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