Beta Release, February 2023

Area Search, Conneqtech, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7271
  • Fix bugs and layout issues in Area Search.
  • Fix null reference exception.
Publish, Updates.v5 build 7267
  • Fix for Publish link function.
Crash, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7263
  • Fix REST API to support adding users to Site Admin.
  • New version of Vehicle status markers. Users need to reconfigure their templates to get the latest version of this tool.

Updates to UI for Crash plugin:

  • Crash status icon was not visible in vehicle list column.
  • Info tooltip for Crash data graph showed "undefined" instead of time (horizontal scale).
  • Added missing localizations.
  • Format coordinates to follow the locale/unit settings.
Hogia, Web UI build 7249
  • Add support for Hogia.
  • Facelift Map Toolbar with improved layout and colors.
PointsofInterest, Updates.v5 build 7244

Fix POI import.

Updates.v5 build 7241

Fix issue that caused error "Session was not found with Session id = -1" on login page, although login was possible after page reload.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7223
  • Security improvements.
  • Improve select component, select all, and select none functionality.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7216

Support all SSL Protocols for secure TCP connections.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7207
  • Simplified Vehicle Status configuration.
  • Security improvements.
DataForward build 7201

Support using hostname instead of IP as target for Data Forward.

Updates.v5 build 7194

Fix search field in Site Administration -> Manage Applications -> Edit application which now returns results regardless of letter case.

Updates.v5 build 7177

Improve performance when resolving variable values for event notifiers.

Spanish Language build 7177

New Spanish language keys for Maintenance and Localization editor.

RabbitMQ build 7170
  • Support for AMQPS in RabbitMQ.
Reporting, Updates.v5 build 7163
  • Add support for page break in Excel reports.
  • Fix CSV file content when exporting from Events panel. File now contains ​ClosedByUser​ column for past events.
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