Beta Release, January 2023

Web UI, Updates.v5 build 7136
  • Fix bug with Chrome and Edge browsers that caused incorrect layout of Dashboard, Events, and Dispatch panels when "focused" after the application has loaded.
  • Use composition instead of inheritance for parsing logic.
  • Mark GenericParser obsolete.
  • Add LengthDecoder and PatternDecoder decoders
Web UI build 7131

Fix issue that caused the Vehicle Marker label to have blurry text in Chrome browsers.

Web UI build 7129
  • Add accumulator start values to Daily Summary.
  • Fix bug where Vehicle Status panel would crash.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 7128

Add support to batch edit Status Indicator and Position Marker in the application.

Web UI build 7127
  • Double-clicking a panel header or panel tab will now maximize/minimize it. Similar to Window behavior.
  • Double-clicking a column separator maximizes/minimizes the column.
Updates.v5 build 7117

Keep listener IP address synced between config file and DB.

Web UI build 7114

Display Odometer Distance Factor value with selected number format (culture) settings in User Form.

Web UI, Updates.v5 build

Info message appears in Application and Template List when the table doesn't have any information to display.

Updates.v5 build 7111

Security improvements.

Publish, Updates.v5 build 7107

Fix for Publish plugin when using MsSQL database.

Updates.v5 build 7101

REST API methods now includes an original user application identifier for:

  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users
  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:long}
  • /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{username:string}
Updates.v5 build 7099

Unify repo URL handling in Deploy V2 using REST API.

Updates.v5 build 7092

Fix to avoid double fetching tracks during post processing.

SAML build 7089
  • Fix SAML integration by passing the AuthnRequest to the Identity provider.
  • Support for Okta and Azure AD with SAML SSO.
ArcGISMap, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7088
  • Update to ArcGIS Map so that ArcGIS Layer now supports WMTS maps. Update ArcGIS API to 3.42 and 4.25 respectively.
  • Instructional text updates in Email, Error, and Profiling Logs when the table is blank.
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