Beta Release, January 2024

Updates.v5, Web UI build 8238
  • Fix a bug causing all map and geocoder plugins to be visible in the applications' main menu under -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders even if not installed
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8227
  • Improve layout functionality of modal dialogs
  • Improve date and time pickers by having placeholders (e.g. "Select date range") by default in Maintenance logs
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8221
  • Change RegisterCommand from abstract to virtual
  • Fix issue where various unrelated functionalities stop working after uninstalling POI plugin
  • Fix missing uninstall option for plugins
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8214
  • Custom Maps settings page has moved in-app under Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders -> Custom Maps
  • Failed scheduled reports can now be re-sent to individual recipients again
Geocodefarm, Web UI build 8206
  • Minor UI adjustments to vehicle marker labels
Bing, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8201
  • UI improvements and bug fixes for closest vehicles
  • Fix installation of privileges for Bing map plugin
Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8198
  • Fix of installer: Grant privileges for Site Admin user on creation
  • Fix Geocodefarm settings page not showing up in the application
  • Fix slow queries issue for unknown devices
Camera, PickPoint, PointsofInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8189
  • Fix issue where browser kept an open connection after viewing camera images
  • PickPoint page has moved in-app under Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps & Geocoders -> Pickpoint
  • Fix SaveChangesOnly values for SOS, BatteryLow, JobAssignmentState
Navionics, Updates.v5, Web UI build 8173
  • Navionics page moved into the application found here: Main menu -> Site Admin -> Maps and Geocoders -> Navionics
  • Maintenance feature: Corrective maintenance now has a new property called "Notice." Notice is the number of days before "Due date" when this service is visible in the Upcoming maintenance list.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8170
  • Add support for Corrective Maintenance
Web UI build 8163
  • All in-app Site Admin windows are now labeled "Site Admin" to clarify that they are only available to Site Admin users
  • Fix a bug preventing a historic invoice from opening with the button in the "Actions" column
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