Beta release, July/August 2021

Points of Interest, Updates.v5 build 5837
  • Add back bitmap icons to POI groups.
  • Add dropped support warning for users using IE11.
Updates.v5 build 5832
  • Add geofence description as an event report argument.
  • Rename reference "geofence tag"to "geofence group" in event report arguments.
Tracks build 85

Update all existing workspaces with a Tracks (Legacy) panel to use the new Tracks panel instead.

Updates.v5 build 5827
  • Fix MultiMonitor in Safari.
  • Fix bug where action buttons referencing a click script wouldn't show.
RabbitMQ, Updates.v5 build 5823
  • Security improvements.
  • Ensure RabbitMQ message backlog doesn't exceed 50k messages. Once limit is reached, messages are being disregarded.
PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5 build 5822
  • Fix track export for tracks containing invalid altitudes.
  • Fix possible NullReferenceException in Poi EventRules when a POI has been deleted.
Saml, Updates.v5 build 5817
  • Geofence kml import improvement.
  • Fix cross site request
Updates.v5 build 5811

Fix GetTransientFieldScriptsByUser.

Updates.v5 build 5810
  • Fix bug on color picker.
  • geofence.find(lon,lat) in scripts without specified group, with group names included in returned geofence objects.
Archiving, PointsOfInterest build 5806

Improve performance when getting POI.

PointsOfInterest, Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5805

Change library for serializing Avro data to the official Apache.Avro library.

PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5 build 5803
  • Fix POI pagination in REST.
  • Fix issue with adding/updating users through REST.
  • Fix issue with logging in to Site Admin when still using SOAP services after SOAP deprecation (issue triggered by Db Connection starvation).
Updates.v5 build 5801

Update .NET Framework from 4.7 to 4.8.

Updates.v5 build 5798

Fix importing application templates with removed and renamed languages (ignore those errors).

Updates.v5 build 5797

Vehicle Status (beta): add an option to Edit/Create Vehicle Status templates by right-clicking the Vehicle Status.

Saml, Updates.v5 build 5789
  • Fix workspace saving & loading issues.
  • Fix typo in SAML.
Chat, MultiMonitor, PointsOfInterest, Publish, Terminal, Updates.v5 build 5780
  • POI: Fix custom field input rendering.
  • Vehicle Status (Beta): Add Vehicle Status Templates. You can now customize the new Vehicle Status feature!
Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5768

Now you can select multiple outputs for a single device mapper script! Cases like a single long string of data needing to be split into many variables should be simpler to handle and have better performance if implemented with one script.
To set: return { 'Var1': 12.3, 'Var2':false, 'Var3':'textabc' }
Setting a single field works the same. Setting multiple outputs requires enabling the new script engine if not already enabled, in SiteAdmin>Settings>Scripts.

Updates.v5 build 5763
  • The default workspace is updated to use the new Tracks panel!
  • Updated the naming to reflect the change: the former Tracks is now Tracks (Legacy) and the former Tracks 2.0 (Beta) is now Tracks.
  • Updated the copy in the Tracks trip list summary.
Geocodefarm build 5756

Log the request when there is an exception.

Fuel Report, Updates.v5 build 5750
  • Add English UK measurement file.
  • Fix (a tiny one!): fix one cell with the wrong border color in the FU1005 Fuel Refill Report (Detailed).
  • Add SmsMessage to the iOS Tracker device mapper.
ArcGISMap, Google Maps, Updates.v5 build 5745
  • ArcGIS layers can now also run on top of Google Maps! (previously, only the Native Map supported ArcGIS map layers) To use ArcGIS with Google Maps, you have to register for a Google "Map ID." Configure and read more under Site Admin > Maps > Google Maps.
  • Map "peek" tool (press and hold "P") dims the ArcGIS layer and now also all Map UI to show the underlying map.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Login session expire time is extended to 24h for ArcGIS Maps.

Read more about ArcGIS Layers.

Updates.v5 build 5737

Make the Event Rule Wizard more resilient to lock timeout exceptions.

Time On Site Report, Updates.v5 build 5730
  • Clicking the event count in Vehicle Status now opens the Event panel.
  • Fix the Time On Site Report (TS1009) not rendering on some servers.
  • Fix a rare case of GpsGate Service crashing.
PointsOfInterest build 5728
  • Fix POI service startup.
  • Fix custom fields for POI categories shared between applications.
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