Beta release, July/August 2022

Points of Interest, Updates.v5 build 6743
  • Add support for multiline text for User Description property and custom fields of type "Paragraph Text" for Batch Edit/Import/Update User features.
  • Fix a rare issue with POI search when it might throw an exception.
Terminal, Updates.v5 build 6742

UI improvements in the Queue viewer page in Server Administration.

Publish, RabbitMQ, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6738
  • The Publish map (iframe) now exposes a micro API for extensions.
  • RabbitMQ compatibility fix.
  • Various performance improvements.
RabbitMQ, Web UI build 6737
  • RabbitMQ: add possibility to enable and disable each configuration, and set timeout for connections. Improve failure handling.
  • Web UI: fix speed column data not being visible when exported.
  • Web UI: add more checks to ensure device edit form is displayed only when all data is loaded.
Web UI build 6736

Fix an issue when using a calendar in dispatch causes an error.

Updates.v5 build 6735

Add index on 'sessions' table 'expire' column.

PointsOfInterest build 6733

Fix an issue when POI mega search could return duplicates.

Web UI build 6732

Fix to remove duplicated keys when there is more than one track point with the same timestamp.

Updates v.5 build 6731

Fix the search-box in Server Administration -> Applications -> Manage Applications. A search could sometimes fail with a blank page as a result.

Updates.v5 build 6728
  • Fix memory leak for sessions.
  • Support for event from GpsGate Server to Slack.
AreaSearch, Web UI build 6713
  • Modernized AreaSearch look with new React UI.
  • Add new English language keys and icons.
Updates.v5 build 6711

Fix case where email components could use excessive resources.

Updates.v5 build 6708

Fix issue where the email component could malfunction and use excessive resources.

Terminal, Updates.v5 build 6702

Update privileges to show under Data in User Actions. Tracks changes going forward, but not historical.

PickPoint build 6691

Fix reverse geocoding for PickPoint.

Updates.v5 build 6688

Improve error message language around weak passwords when adding API new user.

Web UI build 6685

Disable Switch to Application icon when application is expired.

Updates.v5 6683

Add option to export a template as xml in Manage Applications.

UserSync build 6676

Fix user sync stopped working when using tags.

Maintenance, PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6675
  • Fix for invalid line break in maintenance notifications.
  • Fix for situation with database upgrade from MySQL < 5.5.3.
  • Fix an issue with the Batch Update User functionality in cases when there are both a tag and a role have the same names.
  • Fix deploy in cases where a plugin dependency is not part of the current repository.
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