Beta Release, July 2024

Updates.v5 build 8806
  • Fix the issue preventing users from adding spaces in the simulator name popup window
  • Update Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish
Updates.v5. build 8799
  • Fix check to see if the current user is the system owner of legacy licenses
Updates.v5 build 8794
  • Fix reverse geocoding in the Fleet App
Updates.v5 build 8775
  • Add PasswordSetDate - “Last Password Set Date” column to the system user reports
Updates.v5 build 8754
  • Add 3 articles describing core GpsGate functionalities to the Guide window
  • Add an option for users to assign custom names to simulated devices
Updates.v5 build 8748
  • Knowledge base support articles are now discoverable within in-application search
  • Add support for gzip in REST API when request headers contain 'Accept-Encoding: gzip'
Updates.v5 build 8724
  • Fix the issue where the HTTP-based protocol using port 8008 stopped working after the June release
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