Beta release, June 2022

Web UI build 6668

Fix instance when markers failed to show up on the map while alternating between views.

Terminal, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6667

Site Admin terminal and queue viewer pages have moved in-app! These features are now found in the app's main menu -> Server Administration -> Status -> Server Terminal.

Reporting, Updates.v5 build 6665

Reports are now available in Excel format (xlsx).

Google Maps build 6661

Update Google Maps plugin.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6656

Security settings updated to accommodate service email providers.

Web UI 6641

Duration fields in events and Tracks now processes time in seconds.

Google Maps build 6638

Fix issue where Google Maps was not populating in Fleet App.

Updates.v5 build 6627
  • Improve message options when sending to a receiver with a delay or full inbox.
  • Add support for aborting emails and sending cancellations.
Web UI build 6623

Fix localizations in admin forms.

Web UI build 6619

Fix text on Form Items to avoid crammed text.

Updates.v5 6616

Email service version update to include email message validation.

Camera build 6615
  • Camera date picker no longer indicates photos are present when they are not.
  • Camera photo overview window and photo window can now be resized and maximized.
  • Downloading a photo now gets the same name as when it was uploaded.
Web UI build 6612

Updated cross-site ASPX setting title and toggle for added security.

Updates.v5 build 6602

Improve filtering for malformed and corrupted email messages that contained no body or attachments.

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