Beta Release, June 2023

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7588
  • Bug fix that showed device input variables in the Script Editor "fields" Test values. These variables could not be resolved when inserting test values. This happened for new scripts created via the Device Mapper.
  • Script Editor "fields" Test values now show mapped variables by default. Additional variables can be added via the dropdown in the "fields" section.
Web UI build 7584

Tweaks to the Device Mapper window for better UI:

  • Increase the width of the Variable column so it fits longer variable names.
  • Add a tooltip to the Device input column.
  • Add the option to resize the column widths.
Web UI build 7574

Bug fix where IAC for Closest Vehicle and Area search would display while map was not visible.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 7573
  • Reverse Geocoding: optimized resource utilization for improved performance.
  • Improved error handling for email service providers.
Web UI build 7565

Bug fix to prevent log errors to console on startup for Chart.

Street View Window, Updates.v5, Web UI build 7557
  • Add a link to GpsGate Support Portal in the application main menu -> Site Admin.
  • Tracks: rearrange map layers for improved visibility.
  • Street View compatibility update.
  • Bug fix that was causing a blank page after creating a new application.
Publish build 7549

Compatibility release.

Rabbit MQ build 7547
  • Fix NullReferenceException when a RabbitMQ notifier tries to use a disabled RabbitMQ configuration.
Web UI build 7547
  • Improvements to the table component in admin panels.
Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI, Windy build 7537
  • Improve UI responsiveness when the map contains a large amount of POIs.
  • Driver rule updates:
    -Fix error processing driver tracks when a Driver Rule Has been removed or replaced.
    -Validate that only one Driver Rule can be created per application.
  • Fix ​false warning​ security audit in a UI library.
Updates.v5 build 7529
  • Handle reports with no position (0,0). Replaces (0,0) positions with the latest known position of the device.
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