Beta Release, June 2024

Updates.v5 build 8694
  • Fix AccumulatorTypeID and filtering by user ID in accumulator API
  • Update Spanish language file
ArcGISMap, CargoMove Data Forward, Dashboard (Legacy), Fuel Consumption, GeoServer, RabbitMQ, Updates.v5 build 8693
  • Add metrics for SiteAdmin legacy usage
  • Fix an issue with the Multi-Factor Authentication
ArcGISMap, CargoMove Data Forward, Dashboard (Legacy), Fuel Consumption, GeoServer, Rabbit MQ, Updates.v5 build 8688
  • Include an option to add a simulator under the +Device dropdown in the Vehicles panel
Updates.v5 build 8686
  • Improve language translations
Updates.v5, Dashboard (Legacy) build 8684
  • Make geofences and geofence groups searchable within the in-application search
  • Fix parsing of form data
Updates.v5 build 8680
  • Remove excessive error logging of a state that should not be considered an error
  • Add more localization support for in-application search and Main Menu
Updates.v5 build 8676
  • Add localization support for in-application search
Updates.v5, GlobalStar, Dispatch build 8673
  • Improve device listener UI by displaying connection URLs for HTTP-based listeners
  • Update device edit form to show connection URL instead of IP for HTTP-based listeners
  • Deprecate Continental, CWT, Cybergraphy, ErcoGener, Falcom, FlexTrack, FWPL, GenekoFox, Ghostway, Megastek, NAL, Noran, Nyitech, Orion, Pegasus, PFTechnologies, Pretrace, Raveon, RITI, Visiontek, and Wirtrack device plugins
Updates.v5 build 8659
  • Deprecate Astrata, AstraTelematics, Atelematics, BCE, Bluetree, BOX, CAESSAT, cGuard, ILC, InspireTech, iTrac, iTriangle, KingSword, KMVD, Maxtrack, Superguard, TeamShar, Telnet, ThinkPower, TK100, Topin, Trendtek, and Viczone device plugins
DigitalMatter, ILC, Moovbox, ORBCOMM, Updates.v5 build 8657
  • Update device HTTP listeners and SMS providers to support default HTTP(S) ports
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