Beta release, March 2021

Updates.v5 build 5391

Unminimizing windows from the dock-bar works again.

Event Report build 5390

Set unit of total vehicles cells to no unit.

Updates.v5 build 5383
  • Vehicle map label attributes' width trimmed down.
  • Search field for selecting applications auto-focuses again when logging in.
LdapSync, OneMap, Updates.v5 build 5375
  • Shared Batch fixes for MSSQL
  • Do not reinsert deleted rows.
  • Fixed MSSQL packages for LdapSync
  • More logging on OneMap request failures.
ArcGISMap, Mobile, Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5372
  • First release of the Vehicle Status (Beta), which aims to replace Vehicle Info, Status, and Marker Attributes.
  • Map performance improvements.
  • Fixed issues with map getting "stuck" when dragging tools or editing geofences in Native Map 1.0.
  • Updated to ArcGIS v3.35.
  • Fixed issue where rendering a report in the browser and emailing a report could produce different results.
Tracks build 75
  • Changed default date range to today instead of yesterday.
  • Filtered out invalid track points from the timeline & standstills.
  • Added reduced opacity to standstill icons on the map when a track is deselected (previously only the track opacity was reduced).
  • Fixed issue in the trip list that could lead to trips and stops being sorted in the wrong order.
  • Fixed issue where Manage Columns would crash if Tracks 2.0 (Beta) was enabled.
Chat, Updates.v5 build 5366
  • Fixed adding geofence groups to script apps and export/import of script apps with geofence groups.
  • Exposed geofences object with modifiable groups to timer scripts.
  • Fixed user actions around views management.
  • Chat plugin message visibility bugfix.
  • Chat plugin sender username works again.
Dashboard, Updates.v5 build 5354
  • More resilient way to rename plugins.
  • Limit the time the Dashboard has to complete a stop of the service.
  • Do not log errors when trying to dispose an Http connection that is no longer active.
  • Make it possible to delete views that contain lots of Dashboard data.
French, Portuguese, Spanish, Updates.v5 build 5346
  • Update tag_privileges_obj table when migrating geofences.
  • Prerequisite check for .net48 to Updates.v5.
  • Renamed French, Portuguese, and Spanish plugins to follow English naming conventions.
  • Fixed various upgrade procedures that failed either due to cases when updating from a very old version or that the procedure was not idempotent and could not re-run after a previous failure.
  • Removed code around nightly track processing for good (has been disabled for years).
SUTRAN, Updates.v5 build 5340
  • Fixed issue that prevented SUTRAN service from starting.
  • Compatibility release.
Updates.v5 build 5330

Added a second attempt to delete old WebUI assemblies.

Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5322

DistributeSystem.Net.Http and add assembly redirects to it.

Tracks build 74
  • Tracks 2.0 - In map standstill tooltip, hover a time to see the duration.
  • Prevent track point tooltip from flickering when a vehicle position is updated.
  • Close track point tooltip when opening standstill tooltip.
  • Fix issue where Tracks 2.0 panel could get stuck in a loading state.
Eco Report, Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5315

Fixed EC1002 template issue.

Updates.v5 build 5311
  • Fixed pagination on geofence REST resource.
  • Disabled Next button on step 4 of event rule creation form until the expression controls have loaded.
Czech, Croatian, Polish, Publish, Updates.v5 build 5298
  • Plugin dependency updated (languages).
  • Add missing localization keys to Icon Categories, Application Console, Publish form, Edit User Access Mask.
  • Updated text in Geofence Group form.
Tracks build 73
  • Cluster standstills close to each other on the map.
  • Updated map standstill tooltip design.
  • Fixes issue in trip list screen that could render a blank screen.
Updates.v5 build 5295
  • User Search now honors ReadApplication tag privileges. SiteAdmin users will only see users that they have access to in User Search.
  • Extra logging during deploy.
  • Fixed bug where firewall test was shown for Simulator.
Updates.v5, Croatian, Czech, Mobile, Polish, Reporting build 5285
  • Set default DB command timeout to 600 seconds.
  • Fixed loading plugins in Mobile.
  • Renamed languages to match other naming conventions.


  • Fixed issue with not being able to insert fields when editing a report layout on a Mac.
  • Fixed report rendering issue in Safari.
  • Fixed bug in tree-control for report query editor.
  • Ensure Reporting doesn't pull in VT-code in SA.
Updates.v5 build 5284
  • Exposed SiteAdmin privileges in JS.
  • REST - Added BoundingBox to GeofenceModel.
RabbitMQ, Updates.v5 build 5277
  • Updated RabbitMQ.Client library to the latest available, currently 6.2.1.
  • Fixed issue where columns in the event table weren't being reordered correctly.
Updates.v5 build 5271

Fixed issue with not being able to save a user when a settings profile has been removed.

Updates.v5 build 5269

Updated assembly redirects for System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions and System.Memory

Updates.v5, Francais build 5261
  • Corrected filter trips by period.
  • GpsGate now targets .net47 framework.
  • French translation updates and new translations for reports.
  • Icon library import works again.
Updates.v5 5251

Fixed khmer geofence custom id migration (NEPHILA-115).

Updates.v5 build 5248

Fixed track service fails when track data contains out-of-bounds values for speed and/or heading.

Swedish Language build 5248

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