Beta release, March 2022

WASL Data Forward build 6415

Added support for Specialized service.

Eview, Updates.v5 build 6413
  • Eview: set last known position when device sends (0,0) position.
  • Updates.v5: fix out of range exception in ToInt extensions.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6412
  • Fix for importing devices from csv files. Fix covers cases when custom "List" field was producing corrupted data after import.
  • Change logic for how filtered tracks are displayed on map and fix various track hover issues.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6409
  • Localize values in map track point tooltip.
  • Increased time tolerance for MFA.
  • Fix bug that prevented SMTP email providers from being saved.
Reporting, Web UI build 6404
  • The Tracks map layer can now be toggled in the map layer selector.
  • Release the resource after processing the report.
Updates.v5 build 6400

Reports with non ASCII characters in name will work again.

Camera build 6396

Add localized strings to icon titles.

Web UI build 6393

Charts: Selecting variables has been improved by first showing the variables mapped to the selected vehicles.

Updates.v5 build 6387

Fix issue where reports fail to render.

Reporting, Updates.v5 build 6385

Unify file handling for reporting.

Camera build 6382

Adjust colors for the Camera plugin's Vehicle List icon, so it’s visible for all states of both the camera plugin and the vehicle list row.

Updates.v5 build 6369

Add array to Int and intX to byte[] extensions.

Area Search, Reporting build 6369

Fix support for adding vehicles not in view to Tracks, Daily Summary and Chart.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6363
  • User search is now in-app! Go to the menu in any app and navigate to Server Administration -> Users-> User Search for access.
  • User search now allows you filter out users that are billable Dispatch units.
  • Security updates.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6355
  • Enable stepping between track points using arrow keys.
  • Fix issue with data disappearing from track point list when switching panels.
  • Add missing localization keys for password criteria text.
  • UI improvements.
  • Remove duplicate lang key.
Updates.v5 build 6349

Do not fail on HTTP notifier when URL is empty.

Camera, Web UI build 6345
  • Add validation for email provider form in Server Administration -> Settings -> Email.
  • Adjust colors and icons for mouse tooltip when setting position for simulated devices.
  • Set consistent size for all Camera plugin icons.
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