Beta Release, May 2024

Updates.v5 build 8641
  • Introducing the new in-application search! With this change, some UI elements will move in the platform.
    - A new search field is added to the center of the navigation bar
    - View selector moves to the right of the navigation bar
    - Application selector moves to the left of the navigation bar
    - Launch search with cmd + k (Mac) or ctrl + k (Windows) keyboard shortcuts
  • Reorganize Main Menu layout:
    - All Account Settings sub-items visible under Site Admin → Account Settings
    - All Terminal items made visible under Site Admin → Diagnostics
    - All Logs items are now visible under Site Admin → Logs
    - All Maps & Geocoders items are now visible under Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders
    - Site Admin → Reporting renamed to Site Admin → Scheduled reports
    - User settings moved under Main Menu → Username
    - Billing settings moved to Site Admin → Billing
  • Update language files for Arabic, Swedish, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
Updates.v5 build 8634
  • Include user ID when logging errors around failed login in the REST API
  • Fix a bug that prevented Route Geofence editing
Albanian Language, Updates.v5 build 8615
  • Remove empty "arcgis" localization module from language files
Updates.v5, Bing, HERE, MapBox, OneMap, What3Words Geocoder, Windy build 8612
  • Terminal Window has been updated with a new look and improved usability
  • Update typography on GpsGate forms to improve legibility
  • Adjustments to keyboard navigation in the input field and result list for in-app search:
    - HOME/END moves in the input field but not in the result list
    - CTRL + HOME/END moves top/bottom of results
    - CTRL + UP/DOWN moves category by category in results
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8586
  • Ensure all binary values are represented as “True” and “False” when no translation exists
Updates.v5, Web UI build 8581
  • Add descriptions to the sections of the user form
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