Beta release, November 2020

Updates.v5 build 4965
  • Fixed an issue causing mobile devices to end up in an infinite reload of the login page.
  • GpsGate listener - Do not attempt to process a command on a disposed connection.
Eco Report build 4956

Removed EC1000 and EC1001.

Updates.v5 build 4956
  • Simplified creation of simulator from User Form:
    A unique username will be generated by default.
    Removed firewall-check for simulators.
  • Guard against installing multiple same Geocoders (Geofence, GpsGate, and Geofence + GpsGate).
  • Simulator - Fix issue were using a locale that doesn't use the Gregorian calendar would cause the simulator to get stuck in pending mode.
Updates.v5 build 4949
  • REST: Trips and Idle reports are now sorted in time order for the Trips resource.
  • REST: A resource for getting an accumulator value at a specific time.
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
Updates.v5, Google Maps, Bing, Here Map, ArcGIS Map, Mapbox, Vietbando, Publish, OneMap, Grid Lines, Navionics build 4949

Compatibility Release.

German Language build 4936

New and fresh German translation.

Chinese Language build 4936

Added Chinese (simplified) language.

RabbitMQ build 4927

Made routing key templatable again.

Updates.v5 build 4927

Global search can now also find custom fields.

Updates.v5, Reporting build 4916

Updated link for Scheduled Reports Status when emailing a report failure notification.

Updates.v5 build 4915

Fix issue with not saving correct marker icon visibility in user access mask editor.

Asset Protection

Deprecated. Updates not possible before AssetProtection is uninstalled.

Updates.v5, Fuel Consumption build 4910

Fuel Consumption REST API - endpoints for custom fields.

Updates.v5 build 4904
  • Fixed issue where Device Type would be set to visible by default when opening a non-changed User Type (E.g "Device") in User Type Editor. If user then saved the User Type, Device 1, 2 and 3 would be visible in User Form.
  • Update Site Admin to use the new website's news release feed.
Updates.v5 build 4902
  • Added a button for copying the IMEI to clipboard.
  • Removed _UseSingleLogin privilege and functionality.
  • Fix rare case where a server under high load could stop processing some of the incoming device data.
  • Added option to redistribute column sizes evenly on resizable tables.
Updates.v5 build 4898
  • Deleting simulator stops Getting Started to show Tooltips.
  • Simulator is now selected as active once added from Getting Started.
  • Simulator created from Getting Started now uses default tags for Device.
Updates.v5 build 4890

Update to new GpsGate logo in Site Admin and browser part of GpsGate Server installer wizard.

Updates.v5 build 4883
  • Validate Driver Event Rules configuration when saved.
  • Filter user settings send to the UI.
  • Updated SiteAdmin news feed URL.
Updates.v5 build 4872
  • It is now possible to remove the selected device hardware and IMEI when editing a User.
  • Track points Export button visibility now respects the _UseTrackExport privilege.
Updates.v5, Reporting, Developer Tools, WirelessLinks build 4872

Removed deprecated Links framework.

RabbitMQ build 4862

Fixed RabbitMQ to resolving variables containing functions (such as START, END, FINAL) during notification.

Updates.v5, MultiMonitor, Payment, Publish, Reporting, Saml, Terminal, Mobile build 4860
  • Moved all logic around VT application access from IIS to the GpsGate service.
  • Faster loading on application.
  • Faster role management in VT.
  • Removed old AppGateway (old custom login pages are no longer supported).
Updates.v5 build 4852

Fixed an issue where logins with Active Directory and SAML could end up on an empty login screen.

Updates.v5 build 4847
  • The columns in Event Panel table can be resized.
  • Reverse geocoding improvements (USA).
  • Check length when writing event state (to any db type), ensuring that the throw is in the round trip, failing a Script Expression as expected.
Updates.v5 build 4842
  • Reverse geocoding improvements (Kuwait).
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would show "Cannot set property 'deviceDefinitionID' of undefined"-error when creating Simulator.
Crash build 4838

Fix crash column not showing any icons after adding it to the vehicle table as a column.

Updates.v5 build 4838
  • Increase width of email and SMS recipient dropdown popup in Event Rule window.
  • Alphabetically sort geofence tags shown in event expression dropdown.
  • Performance: implemented Shared Batch for MSSQL.
Updates.v5, PointsOfInterest build 4834
  • Remove POI custom field values on location removed, category removed.
  • Clean up orphans on POI upgrade.
Updates.v5 build 4827

Fix to ensure that 2FA always works within a 30-day period.

Dispatch build 4827

Use delimiter set for the application when exporting dispatch jobs.

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