Beta Release, November 2022

Web UI build 7023

Add text color to Daily Summary bounding box context menu rows.

Updates.v5 build 7020

Update the Event API to allow fetching events for a user tag.

Web UI build 7015

Fix a case that caused VehicleTracker infinite loading if user entered a VehicleTracker URL in the browser while being logged into SiteAdmin.

Updates.v5 build 7014

Fix rare case where UI updates such as position are missing after a lost network connection is regained.

Updates.v5 build 7003
  • Compatibility fixes.
  • Fix adding admin using the password reset tool.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6989
  • Improve performance of device mapper loading.
  • Removed deprecated "Default vehicle" field in User Access Mask Editor -> Driver info section.
    - Moved Driver ID to Details section to match User Edit form placement.
    - Removed Driver Info section from User Access Mask Editor.
Maintenance (Legacy), Updates.v5, Web UI build 6979
  • Fix rare case where Maintenance (Legacy) would fail due to missing privileges.
  • Closest vehicle tool: draws a straight line when hovering or clicking on a vehicle.
ArcGisMap, Google Maps, Grid Lines, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 6976
  • New, consistent format of reporting file name, containing dates. This update applies to scheduled reports that are dowloaded and sent via e-mail.
  • Updated ArcGIS map API to 4.24 and 3.41 for improved performance.
    -More graceful handling of broken, and partly broken/incompatible ArcGIS layers. You will now see a warning indicator in the layer list for such layers.
    -ArcGIS layer list selector is now always added.
    -ArcGIS layers with global coverage will not get the "zoom to" action button in the layer list.
  • Google Maps traffic button can now be invoked using keyboard.
Updates.v5 build 6972

Compatibility release.

Web UI build 6967

Fix issue so that panels are correctly displayed after toggling back and forth in the application.

Web UI build 6966

Draw event and standstills on event map layer.

Web UI build 6965
  • Allow moving map with vehicle when running track replay.
  • Avoid clearing service schedule form when a resource is added.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6963
  • Fix install default mapper entry.
  • SplitButton now supports longer titles without stretching outside the title container.
Camera build 6960

Compatibility fixes for Camera plugin.

Updates.v5 build 6960
  • Fix erroneous validation of user properties causing various issues.
  • Fix REST API response messages and HTTP code when passing invalid data while adding new user.
Web UI build 6955

Charts now allows color coding of variables.

Web UI build 6948

Show trail of selected menu items in application main menu.

Web UI build 6942

Change initial panel height to fit welcome message.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 6938
  • System errors are now found within user applications in Site Admin in addition to Site Admin (Legacy).
  • 'Subscription has expired' message now the displays the subscription id making it easier to find the affected servers.
Web UI build 6937

Improvement to make administrator and application tag names:

  • legible in search fields despite the length of application name
  • easy to search for in all 'Manage applications' fields
Updates.v5, Web UI build 6936
  • Add export functionality to Daily Summary.
  • Bug fix that could cause the Site Admin device terminal page to become blank and not show anything.
  • Fix always "0" filled in "Licenses used" column in ​Manage Application​​ window.
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