Beta release, October 2020

Reporting build 4819
  • Fix issue with report render form not being correctly updated when changing parameters with dependencies to other parameters.
  • Set default date values in report form with respect to localized time rather than client time.
Updates.v5 build 4819
  • Performance boost while mirroring roles between IIS and the GpsGate Service.
  • Add validation to user form to avoid saving a device with an expired settings profile.
WASLDataForward build 4816

Position address that cannot be resolved using geocoding will get an address value containing Latitude + Longitude.

Updates.v5, ArcGISMap, HERE, MultiMonitor, Mobile, Bing build 4815
  • Increased timeout for map loading in case your network is very slow. Also better error message if this should still occur.
  • Using multiple ArcGIS or Geoserver maps will work better with MultiMonitor plugin.
  • ArcGIS Map v4 updated to 4.17.
  • Native Map 2.0 no longer labeled Beta. Will be the default shortly.
Updates.v5 build 4814

Fixed issue where Event panel become blank when in window mode.

Updates.v5 build 4809

Various upgrades that stopped running on install since .3303 should run again (GC, MIME, JintVersion, NLog targets).

WASLDataForward build 4806

Fix handling of unexpected responses from WASL service.

Updates.v5, Reporting build 4802

Reporting: Remove _CreateReport privilege check from the "E-mail the report instead" button.

Updates.v5, Dispatch, Queclink build 4801
  • Support for updating privileges object reader
  • Cleanup from legacy code
  • Compatibility release.
Archiving, Reporting build 4799

Deprecating Application Tags for Reporting in the Import Rule.

Updates.v5 build 4795
  • Fix next and prev month buttons in the calendar after changing sorting to years.
  • Add Select button to date pickers.
  • Fix issue where the event panels selected date would reset when reopening the date picker.
Updates.v5, ArcGISMap build 4792
  • Interacting with large map views with many vehicles and geofences etc should be a bit more responsive.
  • ArcGIS Map v4 version updated to 4.16.
    Note: Currently you enable v4 by appending "&ggs=v4" to your custom ArcGIS Map url. v3 is still default for compatibility reasons, but will be phased out in due time.
Updates.v5, Archiving, Reporting, Cleanup build 4792

Improved performance for track related operations.

Updates.v5 build 4785
  • DispatchApp and Dispatch module can now be selected when adding new keys in the localization editor.
  • Added missing English language key to main file and Fleet App.
ArcGISMap build 4781

ArcGIS Map Geocoder now supports a custom server url and login so you can point to your own ArcGIS server. Go to: SiteAdmin->Maps->ArcGIS->ArcGIS Geocoder and choose "Custom Server" mode (bottom of page) for settings.

Updates.v5, publish build 4781

More improvements for speedier login!

Updates.v5, Publish build 4772
  • FleetApp module can now be selected when adding new keys in the localization editor
  • Reduce the loading time of the login page.
Updates.v5 build 4767

The columns in Event Panel table can be reordered.

Chinese Language build 4763

Chinese language updated and renamed from "Chinese" to "Chinese (traditional)"

Reporting build 4763

Added setting to disable nightly processing of report data.
Settings name: Reporting_DisableNightlyProcessing

Updates.v5 build 4763


  • Simulator: The drawn simulated track will now handle turns and follow the road better.
  • Simulator: When starting a new route the simulators initial position will be sent instantly.
  • Simulated device state panel: Fix issue where updating an input while driving could sometimes lead to the simulator moving one step back to the previous position.

Device online

  • Name is now Display name
  • "Device 1/2/3"-tab is moved above "Details"-tab
  • "Driver ID" is moved into "Details"-tab
  • "Image" is moved into "Details"-tab
  • When creating a new device, Username and Display name are now populated with autogenerated suggestions.


  • Service logs HTTP bindings at startup
Updates.v5 build 4754
  • List required Custom fields before not required Custom Fields in User Edit window.
  • Fix issue with templates sharing custom fields settings when creating a new through copying it.
Indoor Positioning System build 4754

Fix issue with some users getting validation error when uploading .csv files.

Queclink build 4741

Rename all legacy Queclink devices to start with "Queclink"

Dispatch build 4741

The dispatch pickup location is now working with the application geocoder configuration.

Updates.v5 build 4722

Unique constraint names for 2FA.

Updates.v5 build 4715

2FA - Alter constraint name on updated servers.

Updates.v5, Reporting, Detailed Distance Report, Event Report build 4713

Added missing English language keys.

Updates.v5, Cleanup build 4713

Improved cleanup of accumulator and track data performance.

Updates.v5 build 4707
  • Fixed finishing events for event rules that have a schedule and have the 'Finish events automatically when outside schedule' option enabled.
  • TFA fixes.
Updates.v5 build 4706

Updated MSSQL database creation for TFA.

Reporting build 4706

Users can set a limit on attachment size for reporting emails (Site Admin => reporting => reporting settings). If the email fails with Smtp Status Code "Exceeded Storage Allocation", the system sends a link to the file instead.

Reporting build 4704

Fix status of scheduled reports was not always updated to 'Sent' when report was delivered.

Updates.v5 build 4702

Improved support for HTTP headers in scripting.

BulkSmsNigeria build 4698

Initial release.

Updates.v5 build 4698

Fix issue with plugin fields causing white screen on device section in user form.

Updates.v5, AreaSearch build 4693
  • Fix Area Search for maps with limited projection areas. Local ArcGIS maps for example.
  • Fixed sometimes missing localization for "VT_DEFAULT_SHOW_ALL_VIEW" ("No views created") key.
Updates.v5 build 4689

Only show Simulated Device State panel in Window menu when there are simulated devices in an application.

Trimble build 4681

Ignore reports which cannot be parsed and show Info message in terminal

Reporting build 4681
  • Add name of report to top when printing, sending html on email and on rendering to pdf.
  • Make date picker cover dates from 2007.
  • Better error handling in render report UI.
Updates.v5 4681
  • Fixed caching issue when switching between old and new scripting engine.
  • Developers: REST: Check _ReadData access in Tags resource.
Updates.v5, Reporting 4679
  • Fixed closing events after they have been cleaned up.
  • Improved handling of unsupported character sets in Geocoder cache.
Fleet app v1.4.5

Available on Google Play and TestFlight. Learn how to update.

  • Added support for two-factor authentication.
  • Fixed an issue with logging in when using the _UseSingleLogin privilege.
Updates.v5, Mobile, Basic One 4675
  • Two-factor authentication can be enabled on the server. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring you to enter a one-time passcode when accessing your account. To use 2FA, you need to download and install an authentication app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • GpsGateServer/SiteAdmin/Index.aspx now redirects to the main login page if the user is not logged in. Redirects to SiteAdmin if user is logged in.
  • GpsGateServer/Login.aspx page is now deprecated and redirects to the main login page.
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