Beta release, September 2021

PointsOfInterest, Updates.v5, Web UI build 5927
  • Re-enable Save button on POI category.
  • Fix some import issues in storybook.
  • Fix localization key for “Trigger time” in Server Administration -> Settings -> Cleanup page.
  • Add missing punctuation (Site Admin).
PointsOfInterest, Reporting, Updates.v5, Web UI build 5922
  • Fix missing search field for reports menu.
  • Fix slow loading of Reports menu in VehicleTracker.
  • Improved address lookup performance when having many POI Groups. Previously, POI address lookup ignored "Use In Geocoding" settings and used all POI Groups as address source.
  • Add translation for 'Under Construction' Information in Site Admin.
  • Fix issue with tracks sometimes failing when entering large time intervals.
Terminal build 5920

Add "end" column to User Activity table in Site Admin.

Updates.v5, WebUI build 5919
  • Fix an issue that caused the login branding color to not be applied.
  • Fix privilege check for scripted message fields.
  • Fix various upgrade routines not applied when updating from a version older than
Mobile, Updates.v5, Web UI build 5914
  • Improve startup time of the service.
  • Fix missing POI geocoded address in the vehicle list in /m mobile site.
  • Fixed bug where the unlock button looks cut off in Server Administration Settings.
Archiving, WebUI build 5910
  • Fix issue causing Archiving to fail when exporting POI data.
  • Settings -> Localization -> Geocoding address format can now be edited again.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 5908

Always show new Tracks version on page load. Changing back to Tracks (Legacy) version won't persist after a reload.

SMSGateway1010, WebUI release 5906

Fix a bug that caused the "Leave page" popup to appear even after saving the Localization form in Server Administration Settings.

Cleanup, SMS Providers (see full list below), Updates.v5, WebUI build 5904
  • Server administration is moving in-app! Most settings found in Site Admin -> Settings have moved into the Vehicle Tracker. Site Administrators will have access to a new 'Server Administration' menu inside the application.
  • New main menu design in tracking applications.
  • The default application branding color has been updated to a slightly darker blue.

Updated SMS providers: BahrainSMS, BahrainViva, BhashSMS, BulkSmsNigeria, CoolSms, Diafaan, Dtac, EseyeSMS, HSL, Infobip, Jawal, KwtSMS, MobileProntoSMS, NawrasSMS, OneSimCard, PSWinSms, RacoWireless, SmsBroadcast, SmsCanal, SmsFoxbox, SmsGateWayCenter, SmsNetsize, SmsTelefonica, TelenorSMS, TextMagic, Twilio, UnifonicSMS, VexxMobile, VodafoneHungary, WebSMS, ZenzivaSMS

Dispatch, Updates.v5 build 5896

Remove misleading information in dispatch import.

Updates.v5, Web UI build 5893
  • Localize tooltips in Tracks.
  • Add Device Last Activity to User Status REST.
Google Maps, Reporting build 5886
  • Fixed System.ArgumentNullException in Reporting Field Scripts.
  • Publish view works again (applies to Google Maps only).
Updates.v5 build 5879

Expose tasks under Commands Click Script.

Points of Interest build 5878

Fix duplicated POI groups under POI related privileges in roles.

Points of Interest, WebUI build 5872
  • Remove Empty (Advanced) user type and add option to create user type if none are available.
  • Fix fetching shared POI categories through REST.
Updates.v5, Web UI build 5866

Fix System.ArgumentNullException in Field Scripts.

Dashboard, Dispatch, Indoor Positioning System, Passenger Manager, Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5863

Enable automatic updates of client resources.

Updates.v5 build 5857
  • Fix bug where the Vehicle status panel appeared empty in certain cases when switching applications.
  • Fix bug where the events table isn't loaded due to an error with the columns order.
Reporting, Updates.v5 build 5845
  • Fix Offline Expression event start time in cases the last send report from the device was invalid.
  • Expose OriginalApplicationID in Reporting Users query.
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