Build 5033

December 2020 release

Happy holidays! You get all of this month's release goodies a few days early in recognition of the holidays. The Fleet app now supports Geofences to help you run your business from the field. We've also added new user-based reports. Read the release highlights.



  • Added the geofence feature.
  • Added ArcGIS map support.


Added user-based reports for trip & idle and event rules:

  • TR1000-U Trip & Idle detailed
  • TR1001-U Trip & Idle daily
  • EV1000-U Event rule
  • EV1001-U Event rule total
  • Added MT1002: maintenance service status per vehicle.


  • Added the option to enable Token-based Mitigation Authentication to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. This can be enabled in SiteAdmin -> Security -> Use Token Based Mitigation Authentication.


  • Updated the FleetApp English lang file in preparation for the upcoming Fleet v1.6.X release.
  • Significant Francais update with 1700 new language keys.


  • Introduced geofences as microservice and all the accompanying changes to integrate it into the solution (see the new Fleet app geofences feature).


  • Security improved.


  • Optimizations to Updates.v5, Terminal, Reporting, CargoMove Data Forward, Road Works, SpeedingExpression via build 4985.
  • Added a plugin/platform prerequisites framework.
  • More cleanup of old Driver Journal resources.
  • Adapted pagination query in the snapshot to be compatible with Sql Server 2008.
  • Removed and replaced links to the deprecated forum in Site Admin and Vehicle Tracker applications.


  • Security improved. Upgrade recommended. The following response headers for service calls have been added: X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff ; X-Frame-Options: sameorigin

Dispatch app

  • Improved security.
  • Updated app icon.


  • Fix geofence service init migration.
  • Hide the "New geofence" button when the user doesn't have edit privileges.
  • Show warning when trying to edit a geofence without the required privileges.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent geofences from being drawn on the map.
  • Improved error handling when geofence KML import fails.
  • Geofence service - fixed migration of custom ids.


  • Fixed an issue with the trip calendar on iOS.
  • Fixed an issue with images on iOS 14.
  • Fixed issues with content rendered outside the view on newer phones.
  • Fixed issues with the keyboard on iOS.

Errors & Permissions

  • Fixed an issue that caused localization keys with an empty value to display the key instead (e.g. UNIT_SYMBOL_NONE)
  • Display actual error message when saving a system message fails.
  • Increase retry count for migrations and display message of failure instead of crashing service.
  • Fixed an issue with the two-factor authentication manager window in Vehicle Tracker being hidden for non-Site Admin users.
  • Made UPD connection pooling predictable during high loads.
  • Fix case where branding could disappear after upgrade.
  • Fixed issue with status indicators' upper limit including removed icon sets.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused endless loading of a (Vehicle Tracker) application after logging in.

Cannot upgrade without first uninstalling the following deprecated plugins:

  • AlwaysValid
  • CheckHDOP
  • Ayna Maps
  • VisitAll

See the deprecation schedule here.

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