Build 7085

December 2022

We've added new UI features with December's release to make using GpsGate as intuitive as possible. View vehicle labels in Tracks Replay, use search in the main menu, and make language edits fast with the Localization Editor.
Want more details? See our detailed release notes below or read the December release blog for an overview.

To benefit from the latest GpsGate features, keep your platform updated.


User Experience

  • Manage your shared vehicle locations - you can now view active published links and cancel them. The sharing URLS are also shorter.
  • Show track point data during Tracks replay.
  • Show vehicle marker labels when running track replay, dragging the playhead or stepping through track points in the timeline.
  • Add a search bar to the main menu for easy access to menu and submenu items.
  • Add user onboarding for "Find closest vehicle" to better assist end users in learning how to use this feature.
  • Add Latitude and Longitude column options for the vehicle list.
  • Add accumulator data to available columns in Daily Summary.

Developer & System Administration
* weather map is now available as a map layer in Beta. Test this map in application under the "Maps" category in Privileges and Features.

Device Plugins
GpsGate's device integration team works closely with lead manufacturers to bring the latest GPS capabilities to your platform. Improvements, new signals, and fixes ensure that your devices are always giving you the fleet data you need. New this month:


User Experience

  • Update the design and functionality of Localization Editor.

Developer & System Administration

  • Update the Event API to allow fetching events for a user tag.
  • Remove Application Cleanup page from Site Admin.
  • Disable watchdog alerts on invalid licenses.
  • Copy change in Manage Applications table to reflect more specific billing.
  • Remove unused localization keys. These keys were also not being sorted properly in the Localization Editor.
  • Improve performance when using aggregate function template variables in event rules. For example, when using ReportArgumentNotifiers with $MAX([SOMEVARIABLE]).

User Experience

  • Bug fix in cases when the selected column in the vehicle list did not sort after switching views.
  • Bug fix for POI search.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix a bug that prevented "Invariant culture" to be saved for the application in Edit Application form.
  • Fix to Device Mapper. Switched off listeners will not be shown in the Device Mapper window.
  • Fix a bug to avoid errors when saving an application as template.
  • Form fix for Site Admin "Reports reprocessing" dates.
  • Fix that allows to delete a group that doesn't belong to a geofence event expression.
  • Fix a bug that caused Tracks Panel to display "Heading" as 0 (zero) when track points were considered a fat point.
  • Fix when the "References" table under "App Builder" scripts didn't show data.
  • Changes in database handling for AWS Aurora Serverless v1. Fix rare case where locks to exclusive resources were not released causing intermittent errors.

Passenger Manager was deprecated with June's release. Dispatch was deprecated with March's release.

Chat is deprecated. SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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