Build 8149

December 2023

Fleet solutions perform best when users can easily configure them. In this month’s release of GpsGate, our tracking partners can expect an even more streamlined workflow. More site settings, like SiteAdmin roles and selected map configurations, have moved in-app. No need to navigate back and forth between GpsGate applications and SiteAdmin. Beyond that, our team increased the capabilities of integrated Teltonika and Cypress devices so that our tracking partners stay ahead with their offerings.

Read on to discover where these site settings have moved!

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GpsGate users stay agile with an updated platform. If you’re using the Fleet App, visit the Google Play and App stores to update. See our December Beta release notes here for all the details!


More SiteAdmin settings moved in-app

A well-configured fleet solution sets customers up for success. From enabling roles and privileges to configuring device listeners and custom variables, you can do more within GpsGate after updating in December. Here’s what’s new in-app:

  • Scheduled reporting was redesigned and moved to Main menu → Reporting → Scheduled
  • SiteAdmin roles moved to Main menu → Site Admin → Users → Site Admin Roles
  • Device Variables and Device Listeners moved to Main menu → Site Admin → Devices
  • Mapbox, OneMap, What3Words, and settings moved to Main menu→ Site Admin → Maps & Geocoders
  • Geocoders error section moved to Main menu → Site Admin → Account → Settings

User Experience

  • Account Settings pages (like Localization, Email, SMS etc.), Logs pages (like Email logs, Error logs), and Terminal (like Connections, Queue) are now searchable in the Main menu
  • The Scalebar in HERE maps now matches the app's unit/locale settings
  • Add support for the "peek" functionality in HERE and Bing Maps (dimming UI when holding down "p")
  • UI updates to improve button functionality

Developer & System Admin

  • There is now a Diagnostics section found in Main menu → Site Admin. System Tools Privileges "Terminal" and "Queue Viewer" were replaced with a single "Terminal" privilege located in Diagnostics
  • Replace separate SiteAdmin privileges for Bing, HERE, and Mapbox with one Maps and Geocoders privilege
  • Delete users on Sync if they were removed from LDAP since the last synchronization
  • Add structured logging to geofence services
  • v3 is no longer supported. Current users need to create a new authorization key for v4 to continue using the service

Device Plugins

When our tracking partners require improved hardware functionality, we stay responsive. Here’s what our device team worked on in December:


Developer & System Administration

With more SiteAdmin settings moving in-app in December, developers and system admins can expect to see these changes:

  • "Reporting", "Reporting Optimization", "Detailed Distance Report", "Event Report", and "Trip Report" plugins have been merged into Updates.v5
  • Terminal and Queue Viewer pages have been removed from legacy SiteAdmin
  • Improve platform security by enabling CSRF validation by default for existing and new installation
  • Limit track points to 86400 per day per device
  • Filter transport is no longer supported for device commands in Terminal and command configuration UI
  • Migrate core and Cleanup privileges, clean up of migrated SiteAdmin pages

Bugs happen. We fix them as soon as we know about them to keep your platform running as it should.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix a rare failing onboarding issue caused by an inability to get the time zone from a browser
  • Fix incorrect breadcrumb in Terminal Window
  • Fix query to check if tracks are dirty
  • Fix install note for OneMap
  • Fix missing Geoserver maps privilege section in Edit Application

ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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