Build 7136

January 2023

For our first release of 2023, we're laying the groundwork for exciting things to come in GpsGate. January's release of our fleet tracking platform includes more map integrations and detailed accumulator data to help you get the full picture of fleet movements. Enjoy new double-clicking capabilities on panels and columns within the application to minimize or maximize the views and the data you need. With security in focus, we've made improvements to build upon our commitment to keeping your fleet data secure.

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Looking for more details? See play-by-play updates in the Beta release notes.


User Experience
Our team of developers is always working to make GpsGate more intuitive to use. This month, we've changed the way that you can interact with panels and columns:

  • Double-click a panel header or panel tab to minimize and maximize it. Similar to Window behavior.
  • Double-click a column separator to minimize and maximize the column.

Developer & System Administration
Do you use ArcGIS map layers to better visualize local conditions? With this month's update, we've integrated Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) within our ArcGIS map layer. Retrieve geofenced map tiles and the microdata you need for better vehicle scheduling and routing. To use this function, update the ArcGIS Map API to 3.42 and 4.25 respectively.

*Last month, we integrated's weather map as a map layer in Beta. Test this map in the application under the "Maps" category in Privileges and Features. Windy's map provides interactive weather forecasting on a global scale. Use this map layer to get the latest local weather and use it to better inform your fleet movements.

System integrators appreciate customizing the way they view data within GpsGate. You can now save your application's Workspace to display accumulator start values in the Daily Summary panel. Additionally, an update to GpsGate's Fleet smartphone app gives you the ability to view Vehicle Status. You can now hide, show, and reorder fields for better visibility. You'll see further changes below:

  • Add support to batch edit Status Indicator and Position Marker in the application. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Add instructional text updates in Email, Error, and Profiling Logs when the table is blank.
  • Add an info message that appears in Application and Template List when the table doesn't have any information to display.
  • Display Odometer Distance Factor value with selected number format (culture) settings in User Form.
  • Support for Okta and Azure AD with SAML SSO.
  • REST API methods now include an original user application identifiers.

Device Plugins
GpsGate's device integration team works closely with lead manufacturers to bring the latest GPS capabilities to your platform. Improvements, new signals, and fixes ensure that your devices are always giving you accurate fleet data. New this month:

  • Add support for Teltonika's ADAS Camera for FMB640, FMC640, FMB125, FMC125, FMB225, and FMC225 tracking devices.
  • Further device improvements from our GPS device manufacturers include AOVX, Atrack, Teltonika, Queclink, Meitrack, and WirelessLinks.

User Experience

  • Updates to the Localization Editor's design and functionality give our tracking partners the ability to further customize our user interface with unique terminology and local languages.

Developer & System Administration

  • Unify repo URL handling in Deploy V2 using REST API.
  • Keep listener IP address synced between config file and DB.

Bugs happen. Each month, we're quick to process support tickets to keep our end users performing at the highest standard!
User Experience

  • Bug fix where Vehicle Status panel would crash.
  • Bug fix that caused the Vehicle Marker label to have blurry text in Chrome browsers.
  • Bug fix for Chrome and Edge browsers that caused incorrect layout of Dashboard, Events, and Dispatch panels when "focused" after the application has loaded.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix SAML integration by passing the AuthnRequest to the Identity provider.
  • Fix to avoid double fetching tracks during post-processing.
  • Fix for Publish plugin when using MsSQL database.

Archiving is deprecated with January 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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