Build 7588

June 2023

Design improvements, more robust map capabilities, and another round of data security updates. With June's release of GpsGate, fleet managers have even more control over data in their platform - from minuscule vehicle movements to driver's behavior and fleet-wide trends. Whether using our updated Fleet App, GpsGate Cloud, or GpsGate On-site, our flexible software allows you to pull data and push it to other users and systems seamlessly.

Further updates to our Device Mapper with new devices and signals from 6 different device manufacturers this month means it's possible to dial in on behaviors that are affecting your bottom line. Further, we renewed our ISO 27001 certification for information security to give fleet customers the peace of mind that sensitive information remains safe. Read on for more highlights from June 2023's release of GpsGate!

Still curious about GpsGate Cloud? Give it a test drive for 30 days risk-free. Instant registration is now available on our website. Here's how to request a GpsGate Cloud account.

Fleet management is best with an updated platform. Are you one of our mobile app users? Visit the Google Play and App stores to update. Below are the highlights of this monthly release. See our June Beta release notes here for all the details!


Data and information security
Safe and secure fleet data is our promise to customers. That's why we've renewed our annual ISO 270001 certification. The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification for information security management provides a seal of excellence, showing that GpsGate adheres to internationally recognized standards.

Developer & System Administration

  • Need to view a support article or submit a ticket? The GpsGate Support Portal can now be accessed in the application main menu -> Site Admin.
  • Script Editor "fields" Test values now show mapped variables by default. Additional variables are now added via the dropdown in the "fields" section.
  • Street View compatibility update.

Device Plugins
We're constantly updating GpsGate's device plugins to give you unrivaled fleet tracking data. With new devices and even more inputs than last month, you're able to keep up with the vehicle signals that keep fleets productive. Interested in video telematics? New to our platform this month is the DSM Camera accessory from Teletonika Telematics. Supported by both the FMB640 and FMC640 tracking devices, this camera detects common in-cab behavior that can lead to dangerous driving.

Device updates to GpsGate this month include:

  • Queclink Wireless: add accessories and messaging compatible with the GV355CEU device, parsing data updates
  • Teltonika Telematics: DSM Camera support, signals additions for FMC125, FMC150, FMB120, FMB640, and FMC640 devices
  • Cypress Solutions: updates to data types and variables for Cypress Solution devices
  • Jimi IoT (Concox): new inputs for the JM-VL502 device and updated support for the GT06 tracking device
  • Galileosky: data conversion for inputs like CAN data and mileage
  • Howen: add support for Alarm Status for Howen's product line

Developer & System Administration

Whether you use GpsGate's native map, Google Maps, or ESRI maps with ArcGIS layers - detailed fleet coordinates are important. With the reverse geocoding function, users can transform a location on the map into an address that will display in the Vehicle List. This month, we've optimized resources used to pull this data so fleet managers can count on even more accuracy in pulling geolocations without an impact on performance.

Last month, we rebooted our Device Mapper. With faster loading times, system admins can tweak device inputs and signal data. Improvements this month include:

  • increasing the width of the Variable column so it fits longer variable names.
  • adding a tooltip to the Device input column.
  • adding the option to resize the column widths.

Further improvements that system admins will notice:

  • Improved error handling for email service providers.
  • Improvements to the table component in admin panels.
  • Handle reports with no position (0,0). Replaces (0,0) positions with the latest known position of the device.

User Experience

As software developers, we're always thinking about how to give our users the best experience possible. This month, you'll notice a few simple tweaks to build upon our intuitive, clean UI. Here are the highlights:

  • Tracks: rearrange map layers for improved visibility on the map.
  • The split button now has the main action to the left and a drop-down arrow on the right for a cleaner UI.
  • Improve UI responsiveness when the map contains a large number of POIs.
  • Driver rule updates to fix any error processing driver tracks when a Driver Rule Has been removed or replaced. Validates that only one Driver Rule can be created per application.

Bugs happen. As soon as we learn about them, we fix them to keep your platform sailing smoothly.

User Experience

  • Bug fix where IAC for Closest Vehicle and Area search would display while the map was not visible.
  • Bug fix to prevent log errors to console on startup for Chart.
  • Bug fix that was causing a blank page after creating a new application.

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix NullReferenceException when a RabbitMQ notifier tries to use a disabled RabbitMQ configuration.
  • Bug fix that showed device input variables in the Script Editor "fields" Test values. These variables could not be resolved when inserting test values. This happened for new scripts created via the Device Mapper.
  • Fix ​false warning​ security audit in a UI library.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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