GpsGate Server

March 2021

March's release includes more localization and user experience improvements plus small improvements and fixes across many features. We've also got two major features available in preview release: Tracks and Vehicle Status.


Two widely used features have been redesigned and are available in preview release: Tracks and Vehicle Status. You can now test them in beta. Please send us your feedback! Learn more about the new Tracks and Vehicle Status on the blog. Learn how to update your server.



  • French translation updates and new translations for reports.
  • Added some missing localization keys for Czech, Croatian, and Polish. You'll notice them in Icon Categories, Application Console, Publish form, and the Edit User Access Mask.
  • Updated the names of some language plugins to match the English language in the UI.

User Experience

  • Map performance improvements.
  • Made it possible to delete views that contain lots of Dashboard data.
  • Trimmed down the vehicle map label attributes' width to make the viewing experience better.
  • Search field for selecting applications auto-focuses again when logging in.


  • Updated text in Geofence Group form to make it straightforward and easy to use.

REST Resources

  • REST - added BoundingBox to GeofenceModel.

Developer & System Administration

  • Updated RabbitMQ.Client library to the latest available, currently 6.2.1.
  • Updated to ArcGIS v3.35.
  • Prerequisite check for .net48 to Updates.v5.
  • Implemented a more resilient way to rename plugins.
  • Limited the time the Dashboard has to complete a stop of the service.
  • Set default DB command timeout to 600 seconds.
  • Improved error logging procedures for inactive HTTP connections and OneMap.
  • Updated language plugin dependency.
  • Added assembly redirects to DistributeSystem.Net.Http, System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions, and System.Memory.

User experience

  • Fixed issues with map getting 'stuck' when dragging tools or editing geofences in Native Map 1.0. Have you tried Native Map 2.0 yet?
  • Fixed user actions around views management.
  • Fixed the event rule creation form so that everything loads in the proper sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to save a user when a settings profile has been removed.
  • Corrected filter trips by period.
  • Icon library import works again.
  • No more firewall test bug when using the simulator - this has been fixed.


  • Fixed adding geofence groups to script apps and export/import of script apps with geofence groups.
  • Exposed geofences object with modifiable groups to timer scripts.


  • Fixed issue where rendering a report in the browser and emailing a report could produce different results.
  • Fixed an issue with the eco report template (EC1002).
  • Fixed a couple of Mac and Safari issues with editing and rendering reports.


  • Chat plugin message visibility bugfix.
  • Chat plugin sender username works again.

REST Resources

  • Fixed pagination on the geofence REST resource.

Developer & System Administration

  • User Search now honors ReadApplication tag privileges. Site Admin users will only see users that they have access to in User Search.
  • Fixed loading plugins in Mobile.
  • Shared Batch fixes for MSSQL.
  • Fixed MSSQL packages for LdapSync.
  • Do not reinsert deleted rows.
  • Fixed various upgrade procedures that failed either due to cases when updating from a very old version or that the procedure was not idempotent and could not re-run after a previous failure.
  • Removed code around nightly track processing for good (has been disabled for years).
  • Fixed issue that prevented SUTRAN service from starting.
  • Added a second attempt to delete old WebUI assemblies.
  • Extra logging during deploy.
  • Fixed issue where columns in the event table weren't being reordered correctly.
  • Fixed khmer geofence custom id migration (NEPHILA-115).
  • Update tag_privileges_obj table when migrating geofences.
  • Fixed bug in tree-control for report query editor.
  • Ensure Reporting doesn't pull in VT-code in SA.
  • Fixed track service fails when track data contains out-of-bounds values for speed and/or heading.

TR2001 (Trip & Idle report) has been replaced by TR1000-U.

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