Build 8441

March 2024

Event rules in GpsGate solve countless fleet challenges daily. After updating this month, users can create speeding event rules with geofences in a few clicks. Maximizing event rule potential and gaining valuable fleet insights has never been easier in GpsGate.

Other highlights include faster handling of device commands, streamlined localization, and UI updates.

Do you use the /m mobile interface? If so, it's time to move to the Fleet app! The /m is no longer supported. Our app allows you to operate your fleet from anywhere with real-time updates, trip history, and live push notifications. Visit the Google Play and App stores to download the Fleet app today - it's free!

GpsGate users stay ahead with an updated platform. See our March Beta Release Notes here for all the details!

Read on for more March highlights!


Faster Event Rule Setup

Creating speeding event rules with geofences can now be done within a few clicks. Maximize event rule potential, and simplify collecting valuable fleet insights in GpsGate.

Some highlights:

  • Users can quickly create speeding event rules by clicking on Main Menu → Admin → Event Rules → Select Speeding Event Rule from the dropdown menu
  • After creating a new event rule, closing the success screen will open the Events panel
  • Tags are not created if all vehicles are selected in the dropdown list when generating quick speeding event rules

Developer & System Admin

Improved handling of commands to the device:

  • SiteAdmin → Diagnostic → Terminal → Queue has been split into "Device Commands" and "System Tasks"
  • Data sent directly from Terminal will now be logged for auditing
  • Queueable is now the default setting when creating new commands. Queueable commands are queued for 48 hours by default but can be configured from 1 minute to 72 hours. A queued command will be delivered to the device when it connects if it is offline when sent
  • Internet is the default transport when creating new commands
  • The empty first step command is now removed since the new default behavior achieves the same behavior
  • Available transports have been changed to Internet, SMS, and IDP (ORBCOM). A command will be delivered regardless if the device is connected via UDP or TCP when the Internet is selected
  • Simplified language installation and management for Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish

Device Plugins

GpsGate’s device team had another busy month. We fixed several device plugins and a couple of new device integrations.

Some highlights include:


User Experience

  • Clicking the map now hides the Vehicle Status popover window
  • Maps now automatically center based on the user's location when there are no devices in the selected application
  • Toast notifications will be shown longer by default
  • Add some additional icons to the vehicle marker icon picker

Developer & System Admin

  • Disable the Abort button in the Terminal for direct commands

There’s no avoiding bugs in software development. When we know about them, we fix them to ensure GpsGate continues to run smoothly.

Developer & System Admin

  • Fix privileges check when editing users
  • Fix updating a device's OneWire Sensor IDs when any OneWire ID is updated or removed

/m Mobile web interface has been deprecated and is no longer supported. Download the Fleet app on the App Store or Google Play for the best access to our platform.

ArcGIS Geoevent Processor, Chat, and Garmin plugins were deprecated with November’s 2023 release.

Datcom, SUTRAN, and DLT Client plugins were deprecated with October 2023's release.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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