Build 4965

November 2020 release

Three existing UI languages are now updated and fully vetted: Chinese, Spanish, and German. Read more about language flexibility in GpsGate - 20+ languages and the ability to select language on a per server, per application, or per user basis.

  • Added Chinese (simplified) language.
  • New and fresh German translation.
  • Updated Spanish language.
  • Global search can now also find custom fields.


  • Reverse geocoding improvements (Kuwait).
  • Reverse geocoding improvements (USA).
  • Guard against installing multiple same geocoders (Geofence, GpsGate, and Geofence + GpsGate).


  • Increase width of email and SMS recipient dropdown popup in Event Rule window.
  • Alphabetically sort geofence tags shown in event expression dropdown.
  • The columns in Event Panel table can be resized.
  • Added a button for copying the IMEI to clipboard.
  • Added option to redistribute column sizes evenly on resizable tables.
  • Filter user settings send to the UI.


  • Implemented Shared Batch for MSSQL.
  • Moved all logic around VT application access from IIS to the GpsGate service.
  • Faster loading on application.
  • Faster role management in VT.


  • Update Site Admin to use the new website's news release feed.
  • Update to new GpsGate logo in Site Admin and browser part of GpsGate Server installer wizard.


  • Deleting simulator stops Getting Started to show Tooltips.
  • Simulator is now selected as active once added from Getting Started.
  • Simulator created from Getting Started now uses default tags for Device.
  • Simplified creation of simulator from User Form:
  • A unique username will be generated by default.
  • Removed firewall-check for simulators.
  • Fix issue were using a locale that doesn't use the Gregorian calendar would cause the simulator to get stuck in pending mode.

Developer / REST

  • Fuel Consumption REST API - endpoints for custom fields.
  • REST: Trips and Idle reports are now sorted in time order for the Trips resource.
  • REST: A resource for getting an accumulator value at a specific time.
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/users/{userid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
    GET /applications/{applicationid:int}/accumulators/{accumulatorid:int}
  • Remember 2FA for 30 days did not always work.
  • Fixed issue where the Getting Started window would show "Cannot set property 'deviceDefinitionID' of undefined"-error when creating Simulator.
  • Fixed an issue where logins with Active Directory and SAML could end up on an empty login screen.
  • It is now possible to remove the selected device hardware and IMEI when editing a User.
  • Track points Export button visibility now respects the _UseTrackExport privilege.
  • Fix rare case where a server under high load could stop processing some of the incoming device data.
  • Fixed issue where Device Type would be set to visible by default when opening a non-changed User Type (E.g "Device") in User Type Editor. If user then saved the User Type, Device 1, 2 and 3 would be visible in User Form.
  • Fix issue with not saving correct marker icon visibility in user access mask editor.
  • Fixed an issue causing mobile devices to end up in an infinite reload of the login page.
  • GpsGate listener - Do not attempt to process a command on a disposed connection.
  • Dispatch: use delimiter set for the application when exporting dispatch jobs.
  • Remove POI custom field values on location removed, category removed.
  • Clean up orphans on POI upgrade.
  • Validate Driver Event Rules configuration when saved.
  • Check length when writing event state (to any db type), ensuring that the throw is in the round trip, failing a Script Expression as expected.
  • Fix crash column not showing any icons after adding it to the vehicle table as a column.
  • RabbitMQ: made routing key templatable again.
  • Fixed RabbitMQ to resolving variables containing functions (such as START, END, FINAL) during notification.
  • Removed old AppGateway (old custom login pages are no longer supported).
  • Removed deprecated Links framework.
  • Asset protection deprecated. Updates not possible before AssetProtection is uninstalled.
  • Removed EC1000 and EC1001.
  • Removed _UseSingleLogin privilege and functionality. A seamless experience between devices renders it unnecessary.

See the deprecation schedule here.

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