Build 7763

September 2023

Leading this month's release, we're excited to present you with a fleet data game changer - Dashboard! With this new GpsGate premium feature, you're able to dial in on company KPIs with ease as your fleet data goes visual. Configure Metrics and build Widgets to transform data into colorful charts, graphs, and lists that update in real-time. Total fleet insight is easier than ever with Dashboard.

Dashboard is available for GpsGate Cloud users but data doesn't stop at your desktop - follow along with Dashboard metrics in the mobile Fleet app.

More updates this month include exporting capabilities with Tracks. You can now share data with more members of your team via CSV files. Read on for more highlights from September 2023's release of GpsGate!

Step up your game with Dashboard and give GpsGate Cloud a test! Your first 30 days are risk-free. Instant registration is now available on our website. Here's how to get a GpsGate Cloud account.

GpsGate users stay agile with an updated platform. Are you one of our mobile app users? Visit the Google Play and App stores to update. See our September Beta release notes here for all the details!



Lists, charts, and graphs - our new Dashboard feature is your landing place for quick and colorful fleet data. This premium feature is now available in the GpsGate Store for cloud users.

Ready to get started? Check out this how-to article and enable Dashboard today!

  • Dashboard is now available for GpsGate Cloud users to enable in the Store
  • The previous version of Dashboard is now renamed to Dashboard (Legacy)

Fleet App

  • The Fleet app is dashboard-compatible so you can get fleet updates on the go! Once you configure your Metrics in the web application, they will appear in your mobile app.

Developer & System Administration

  • The Archiving plugin is now deprecated. You will need to uninstall this plugin from your platform before updating to Updates.v5.

Device Plugins
As our device partners update their product lines, and our tracking partners grow their offerings, we respond to increase our device offering. Device updates to GpsGate this release include:


Developer & System Administration

Updates to some of your team's favorite features include POIs and Tracks. You're now able to export Tracks data with CSV files, for easy sharing with a few quick clicks!

  • Improve the security of POI and Email services
  • Apply active Track filters to CSV exports and add Export settings window to customize CSV exports.
  • Small update now shows the date along with the time in the "Received"- column of the Track Points table
  • OneMap map and geocoder updated to the new API for August 2023.
    -Improved retina screen resolution handling.
    -Exposed satellite layer.
  • Fix device mappers to copy into applications where they didn't exist.

User Experience

Fleet management in as few clicks as possible. For quick, and intuitive UI users this month will notice:

  • Updates to UI for the look and feel of buttons and the Side Navigation menu.
  • Minor UI fix to improve the appearance of toolbars

Bugs happen. As soon as we learn about them, we fix them to keep your platform sailing smoothly.

User Experience

  • Fix issue with infinite scroll in Maintenance and Dashboard features

Developer & System Administration

  • Fix Publish to ensure that 'Share Location' function works smoothly.

Archiving was deprecated with January 2023's release.

Removed Passenger Manager plugin with April 2023's release.

SOAP for reporting is now removed. REST API should be used.

See the current deprecation schedule in our support portal.

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