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DigiMobi is a leading provider of Vehicle Tracking Services (VTS) fleet management solutions in Hong Kong using GpsGate as their backend software. Since 2008, they have been helping companies manage their mobile resources anywhere and anytime using IoT solutions and big data.

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Hong Kong International Airport image
Hong Kong International Airport image

The challenge

Provide accurate VTS of all vehicles and ground support equipment in the apron at Hong Kong International Airport both outdoors and indoors. Integrate data with HKIA’s internal systems.

The solution

An implementation encompassing up to 5000 outdoor/ indoor vehicles. Custom indicators for traffic levels + tracking data integration using DigiMobi services, GpsGate fleet management software, and Teltonika hardware.

The benefits

Full visibility into all vehicle traffic in the airport apron resulting in:

  • Faster baggage handling
  • Safer working conditions
  • Proactive resource planning
  • Real-time resource adjustments

In-depth study

HKIA handles flights to around 200 destinations and operates round-the-clock. They have over 200 aircraft parking bays and up to 5000 airport vehicles and ground support equipment (GSE) including fueling trucks, baggage tractors, and service vehicles. Awarded World’s Best Airport many times by many publications, they were also the first international airport to require vehicle tracking services (VTS) for all on-site vehicles to ensure safety and productivity.
Since 2015, DigiMobi Technology has been the exclusive provider of VTS to HKIA using GpsGate software. After the Airport Authority’s (AA) strict and lengthy vetting process, DigiMobi recently won a five-year extension to provide services through 2025.
The fleet management system allows the AA to identify potential problems and solve them before they happen. The system data improves operational efficiency. This results in economic savings and more effective resource utilization, with the end goal of a great passenger experience.

Project overview

  • Up to 5000 vehicles/GSE (ground support equipment)
  • Over 17000 drivers
  • Up to 500 operators simultaneously using the system
  • Nearly 300 separate subscriber companies
  • Over 99.9% system uptime

    The fleet management system includes on-board VTS devices, a dedicated server, indoor Bluetooth (with iBeacons), and a web interface. A fleet as large as HKIA’s requires the best technicians, software, and hardware to succeed. DigiMobi found this in their stellar employees and GpsGate Server software.

“DigiMobi has been successfully providing fleet management to the Airport Authority for over five years. Our software provider, GpsGate, has been crucial to our success. GpsGate Server has the scalability and flexibility we need, plus the ability to integrate with any other business system. We’ve worked with GpsGate on custom solutions for large and complex contracts that grow our business. Our technical and field teams love working with GpsGate and their software gives our customers the fleet management system of their dreams.”

Terrence MaDigiMobi Solutions

Real-time smart tracking display

Smart maps

Including layering for maps and points of interest, information overlays (location, speed, status, etc.), and the ability to switch between indoor and outdoor maps. DigiMobi customized the workspace in GpsGate to create an ideal UI. It presents critical information on the map and allows operators to drilldown for more data as needed. Map layers display both indoor and outdoor maps for operators.

ESRI map integration

An ESRI custom map with automatic authentication. As a security matter, HKIA uses a custom ArcGIS map server that requires username/password for access. The user authentication process is integrated to GpsGate so that the user is logged in with map access automatically. A custom ArcGIS geocoder supports the multi-layer map. The fleet can also be viewed on the Fleet mobile app if desired.

Indoor/outdoor functionality

Baggage tractors must be tracked outdoors on the apron as well as when they enter the baggage hall. VTS provides exterior tractor positions and the system seamlessly and automatically switches to Bluetooth and iBeacon location tracking upon entering the baggage hall.

Integrations for a 360° view

Vehicle usage and utilization analysis

In-depth vehicle usage stats including the number of hours they are in use plus the percentage of time by vehicle status, GSE type, or geofence zone. DigiMobi displays all of the necessary vehicle and fleet information using GpsGate software. The devices’ features include 4G connectivity, driver authentication, Bluetooth connectivity, analyzing the strongest iBeacon algorithm, easy installation and configuration, and large storage for data buffering.

Apron road traffic conditions illustration

Visual display of traffic conditions in the apron through various color schemes a.k.a. a traffic jam detector. Using scripting, event rules, and geofences in GpsGate, a dynamic traffic indicator system was created. Operators can see the current traffic conditions at a glance and reroute or redirect resources as needed.

System integration

Integration with HKIA’s other systems, sending and receiving data every 5 seconds through APIs and RabbitMQ. DigiMobi integrated the fleet management data to all of HKIA’s crucial systems using GpsGate’s APIs and RabbitMQ. The data updates seamlessly in the background so that no matter which system an employee is using, they have access to real-time fleet information.


Starting with up to 5000 vehicles and GSE, 17000 drivers, and 500 simultaneous users, the system must scale with expected airport fleet growth. Anticipated fleet growth requires a system that can accommodate more tracked vehicles, more drivers, more users – and all of the extra data that comes with this. GpsGate’s scalable architecture easily accommodates HKAI’s future needs.

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