Tracking-KSA's TFB402 is integrated to GpsGate
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Tracking-KSA's TFB402 is 4G CAT1 tracking device. With combined positioning, monitoring, alarm and tracking functions, its small size makes it easy to use and operate. This tracker works well for vehicles and tracking other mobile objects. Its voltage support means it can also be used for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even electric vehicles.
Tracking-KSA's TFB402 is integrated into GpsGate's fleet tracking platform.

Saudi Arabia

Tracking-KSA is a regional-based technology company focused on equipping the transport industry with the latest technological tools & equipment. The corporate vision of Tracking-KSA is to become a performance management leader locally, regionally, and internationally and to have one of the world’s best solutions on the IoT market. Tracking-KSA's IoT Devices offer many various forms of latest tracking to the fleet management industry.

Device Plugin Change Log

Tracking-KSA build 6987 (2022-11-02)

  • Add new devices: TFA412, TFA414, TFB303, TFB313, TFB323, and TFB402
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